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Nuvi car charger - Nuvi thinks is a computer. Irritating!!

Hi, I have a Garmin 360. The cheap car charger provided fell to bits in no time at all (I live in Lyon, France). I have not been able to buy a new Garmin one - only one that is "Garmin Compatable". Yea, right. Every time I plug my Nuvi into the car charger - the Nuvi tells me I am plugged into a computer - and locks up. Can any one PLEASE help?!
"Desperate of Lyon" (Nick).


  • Tim 1466 Points
    I'm not sure what you are looking for help with. Are you saying it fell and broke? If so then contacting Garmin and getting a replacement is likely your only option.

    If it just stopped working properly then you might want to check and see if there is anything strange with the electrical system in your vehicle and make sure it isn't connected to any splitters. GPS devices most often try to determine if they are connected to power or USB by the voltage it reads.
  • Lexx 0 Points
    The links/diagrams I posted in the following post might offer some explanations:
  • Redro 0 Points
    Hi Timm, many thanks for the reply. The car charger I received when I bought the Nuvi fell to bits. I did not drop it - nothing is broken as such - it has split in half and I have taped it up again. However, every time I plug it into the cigarette lighter, some of the end bits from the charger stay behind in the lighter and I have to dig them out and put the charger unit together again. The charger still works - but I know one of these days I am going to be travelling in the middle of Spain and I am going to lose something and then won't be able to charge the unit at all.

    So I went to Fnac (who sell Garmin in France) and bought a compatable charger. This consists of a unit which you put into the cigarette lighter. This unit has a USB port in it. Into this USB port you plug in a cable - which connects to the Garmin (in the car). The Nuvi boots up fine - but as soon as I plug in the charger - it switches to a screen saying the Nuvi is connected to a computer. Once this happens, I can only get the navigation screen back again, if I remove the charger cable. I suspect this USB port is making the Nuvi think it's plugged into a computer (which of course it isn't). All very frustrating - and I guess my only solution will be to reorder a Garmin original car charger over the net (which does not have any USB connecters in it).
    Many thanks
  • Redro 0 Points
    Many thanks Lexx, I will take a look at your link.
  • Redro 0 Points
    By the way, my car is an almost new Renault Scenic. So hopefully the electrics should be fine - although French cars are notoriously quirky!
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