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NAVIGON released Q1/2011 USA Maps



  • davelac 91 Points
    I updated my 7200T the other night via Fresh. No issues as far as I can tell.
  • papa 0 Points
    I updated my 7200T the other night via Fresh. No issues as far as I can tell.
    What version of Fresh did you use...or does it matter? My version is 3.3.0 (updated today). Thanks.
  • davelac 91 Points
    Mine is old, but it still seems to work when updating maps- Version 1.4.9.
  • hi,
    I have a 2 year old Navigon 2100max gps and would like to find a way to update the maps on it. I have tried the website but no help.
    Does and one have a 2011 version of the maps and how to update it???
  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points
    ....................Navigon FreshMaps

    ........................... :lol: activation cards available :lol:
  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points
    Navigon: Exclusive Talks for Sale to Garmin?

    According to German daily newspaper Financial Times Deutschland, Garmin has entered into exclusive talks to buy German navigation software supplier Navigon. The price is estimated around €50 million, wrote the newspaper according to a source involved with the deal. The sale could happen in June.

    GPS Business News spoke to a Navigon spokesperson that declined to comment on the FT Deutschland article.

    Navigon is currently owned at 90 percent by private equity firm General Atlantic. The firm took over the company in May 2008, increasing its stake from 25 percent to 90 percent.

    In the fall of 2010 Navigon had streamlined its staff, making redundancies in its research and development team in Würzburg and Hamburg. Prior to that Navigon had already outsourced some of its software development to Romania.

    For Garmin this acquisition means an increased commitment to the European market, bringing on board around 370 new European associates.

    More importantly it is for Garmin a way to move forward its position in the automotive industry. Besides its European PND business and global mobile navigation offering, Navigon has developed ties with German car manufacturers and signed contracts to provide its navigation solution to dashboards.

    In a recent interview with GPS Business News, Jochen Katzer, product manager automotive at Navigon, told us his company is currently developing a low cost in-dash navigation solution for an undisclosed car manufacturer that will be on the market after the summer.

    According to rumors heard in the last few months, mobile navigation supplier TeleNav could have also been interested in the acquisition of Navigon.

    Navigon had been for sale for several years but the financial crisis and the advent of free mobile navigation solutions from Nokia and Google did not help to sell the company earlier. A €50 million price tag seems to be quite a bargain for Navigon. It is definitely indicative of the value associated with navigation software these days.

    Despite the “no comment“answer from Navigon, FT Deutschland has been known in the past for reliable information about the company. The newspaper already broke the story in 2008 when General Atlantic took over Navigon.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Old news......this was posted on June 05. But, putting it in bold font helped. :wink:
  • Wade 81 Points
    Well, I'm done with Navagon. My FreshMaps will no longer let me update or download. So my 2 years must finally have expired in their system.

    I'm looking at the Garmin Nuvi 2350LT or LMT now. Seems to have what I want on it, although I'll miss the extensive Junction View on the Navigon :(

    I'll be regulating the Navigon 2100MAX to the alternate car duty once I get a new unit.
  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points
    NAVIGON has released Q2/2011 USA FreshMaps
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    It will be intersting to see if Garmin does anything with Navigon support and updates for NA devices.
  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points
    Garmin Receives Go-Ahead to Acquire Navigon

    GPS device specialist Garmin Ltd has received the go-ahead to acquire Navigon AG following competition clearance from Germany’s Federal Cartel Office. The acquisition of the German-owned GPS firm by the Swiss market leader is expected to be completed on 26th July 2011.
  • :lol: NAVIGON has released Q3/2011 USA FreshMaps :lol:
  • NAVIGON Announces GPS App for Windows Phone 7.5 and Free traffic4all App

    By Jayashree Adkoli, TMCnet Contributor

    Germany-based NAVIGON AG, a provider of mobile navigation devices (PNDs), smartphone navigation applications, and solutions for the automotive OEM industry, recently made two new announcements: the release of its on-board GPS App for Windows Phone (News - Alert) 7.5 (Mango); and the release of free traffic4all App for Windows Phone 7.

    As a provider of mobile phone on-board navigation solutions, NAVIGON has been offering NAVIGON turn-by-turn navigation app for other platforms, such as Android (News - Alert) and iPhone. Now the company has launched the first on-board navigation app for Windows Phone 7 smartphones as well along with a free traffic app, stated a press release.

    Available for Windows Phone 7.5 users as well, NAVIGON’s GPS app for Windows Phone 7 is similar to a standalone navigation device and operates seamlessly even in areas without a cell phone signal, unlike other navigation apps for Windows Phone 7 that require cell phone connection to download map and routing data.

    Enabling users to get directions and information anytime, anywhere, the NAVIGON for Windows Phone 7 includes on-board NAVTEQ (News - Alert) maps for the USA and is available for $49.99 in the Windows Marketplace. The company also offers a special introductory price of $29.99 until November 15, 2011, stated the release.

    Some of the key functionalities offered by NAVIGON for Windows Phone 7 includes: spoken turn-by-turn directions; visual lane guidance; live traffic information and rerouting; and Reality Scanner that provides an instant and effortless way of identifying nearby destinations while on foot; an option to select address information directly from the phone’s contact list; and the ability to save a favorite or home address as a shortcut on the start screen.

    The NAVIGON for Windows Phone 7 also features NAVIGON MyRoutes, which is an app that provides customized route suggestions with up to three different choices based on the user’s driving style. While, the Reality View Pro feature clearly displays photo-realistic views of actual highway/interstate signs, exits, and lane guide markers so users can see lane changes and exits in advance.

    The Lane Assistant Pro prepares drivers to make an upcoming exit or turn with a lane map complete with arrows and actual road geometry. While the NAVTEQ maps for Windows Phone 7 uses geographic databases providing accurate map data and points-of-interest information.

    Another app that was released along with NAVIGON for Windows Phone 7 is traffic4all, a free traffic app for Windows Phone 7. It helps drivers to avoid gridlock and save time by providing a clear overview of traffic conditions.

    Available at no cost in the Windows Phone Marketplace, the traffic4all uses traffic information from NAVIGON’s partner INRIX and features an intuitive user interface that displays traffic incidents on a map with a single click. It provides colored road overlays that indicate traffic flow, ranging from green for normal to red for traffic congestion or black/white for blocked roads. It also allows users to plan ahead and look up traffic forecasts by entering a specific time and location.
  • .........................Navigon App for Windows Phone 7

    ...............................Navigon 4.0 GPS for Android

  • .

    ......:lol: NAVIGON has released Q4/2011 USA FreshMaps :lol:

    .................................................Navigon News

    German navigation services provider Navigon announced that it will now operate under the name Garmin Wuerzburg. The change was made in the course of the company's reorientation as the research and development centre of parent company Garmin. Furthermore, Navigon's present CEO Egon Minar will be succeeded by Johannes Angenvoort, who has been working for Navigon for 14 years and who was president of research and development before.

  • Hello,
    with the new navigon fresh software update 3.4.1 i am not able to connect to the server for some reasons. I have checked the firewall settings also. Please let me know how can i solve this issue

  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points
    Apparently you may be using the wrong version. For the US version, please create an account using the following link.
  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points

    ......:lol: NAVIGON has released Q1/2012 USA FreshMaps :lol:
  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points
    Navigon for Android updated, hits Samsung Apps
  • I N F OI N F O 0 Points
    Navigon Android App Gets 3D Maps, Car-to-Pedestrian Mode,2817,2407997,00.asp?kc=PCRSS03069TX1K0001121
  • Anyone know if it's still possible to purchase FreshMaps for a 7200T? Mine currently has Q3/2011 maps and I need to start using it again. My 2-year subscription has expired but when I try to purchase a new subscription or update maps Navigon FRESH keeps telling me the software is not currently supported.
  • Anyone know if it's still possible to purchase FreshMaps for a 7200T? Mine currently has Q3/2011 maps and I need to start using it again. My 2-year subscription has expired but when I try to purchase a new subscription or update maps Navigon FRESH keeps telling me the software is not currently supported.
    I think Navigon (Garmin) is done with updating our PND's now. The last one I got was the Q2/2012 update. This was eventually going to happen with them leaving the U.S. Now that Garmin owns them, that might have driven the final nail in the coffin since we have units that Garmin didn't make. They probably just want to concentrate on their own PND's now and the apps that Navigon still has through iphone and android.
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