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Map Update about a year behind the Navteq website map?

blackngoldrules 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I noticed that the copyright for this latest "update" says Navteq 2008. How come if they were working on the updates for the past several months or so that they would take those updates from a 2008 map? I was on Navteq's website doing some comparing and Navigon definitely didn't use their current map. I was wondering why that is? The update is called Q3 2009, not Q3 2008! I guess I shouldn't complain too much since at least we finally got something from them. I guess maybe in a year things will get updated for this year. :roll:


  • It may say that but I know at least some of the maps are the latest (post Q2 2009). There is a new road in my small town that has not been on the maps up to this point. I submitted the road to Navteq's database update function on their website in Aug 2009 and it is now in the latest update.

    So these are definitely 2009 maps. And recent at that.
  • Well, I'll give you one good example of an issue I have with this update. I live near an Arby's restaurant that used to be a Taco Bell years ago. Well, my Q2 2009 map had the Arby's on there. The Q3 2009 map has Taco Bell on there now! Why would it go backward with the update? I went to the Navteq site and it has Taco Bell on there for some reason. I just wonder why Q2 had Arby's on there like it should and Q3 has the old Taco Bell on there? Strange. Glad though that they updated that road for you. At least that shows progress somewhere, even if it isn't in my location!
  • The maps from Q1 2009 were from oct 2008, for Q2 were from nov 2008 and Q3 are from march 2009
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