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Policies (always a work in progress)

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Link Guidelines has developed this link policy to protect both the interests of our advertisers (who make this site happen) as well as to protect the integrity of information dispensed and the safety of our readers. Keep in mind that the "product" this site "sells" is advertising. We don't want to restrict the flow of good information, however we also don't want users giving away for free the product we sell to keep this site running.

Affiliate Links: Affiliate links are prohibited. These types of links provide a monetary benefit to the person who provided the link, therefore questioning the unbiased nature of the advice being given. These affiliate links also slap the face of our "in house advertisers" who pay for the privilege of advertising on our site. You can think of the product this site sells as advertising. If members "give away" advertising this site would no longer have a way to cover the costs associated with running the site. Some of our moderators are exempt from this policy.

Links to Stores: There are numerous stores who sell GPS devices and do not promote one over another. (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) These links typically change quickly and can result in "dead" links. You may certainly mention the information you've found (such as the store name) but we would prefer you not post links.

Links to GPS Companies: Links to GPS manufacturers such as Garmin and TomTom are allowed. Note that in some cases a GPS manufacturer is also a GPS store, as is the case with TomTom. In that case, they will fall under the less strict guidelines of a GPS company and not a GPS store.

Links to pages on this site: Links to other pages on this site are always allowed.

URL Shortening Services: Links using URL shortening services (such as tinyURL or are prohibited without prior approval. They prevent people from making informed decisions about where the link goes before clicking on it. Unfortunately, these links are often used disguise the true destination of the link, often linking to malware sites or including affiliate tags. This requires more time for moderators to determine the true destination of the link.

Links to File Sharing Services: Links to file sharing services are prohibited without prior approval.

Other GPS Informational Sites: Many other sites on the web provide good quality information about GPS systems and technologies. If you must link to a resource rather than providing the answer directly go ahead, but we would rather you provide the answer directly if you can without violating copyrights.

"Signature" Links: We do not have signatures enabled on this forum, do not manually putting in a signature link in your posts.

Company Issues, Rants

From time to time people feel the urge to post their conflicts about a particular company or service. Generally speaking, such threads are not allowed. However we also understand and respect the desire to "warn others" and "help convince (insert company here) that the device has a defect".

The reason rants are not allowed here is because they do little to actually solve any problems or convince anyone else about the quality of the product. If you have an issue with the company itself you should take it up with them. You won't get any results with another company by posting it here. Likewise, few other people will change their opinion of a product based on your unique situation.

So how do we determine what is a rant and what is a valid "review" that happens to be highly negative? It isn't black and white, but it comes down to intent. In most cases, multiple moderators will consult with each other before taking any action. Is your intent to speak in factual terms about what the problem is with your device? Is your intent to seek help from people in these forums to solve the problem? Then your post is probably okay. If your intent is to "warn the world about this corrupt company" or "let's join together and boycott or file a class action" then you are not seeking assistance from other members to solve your problem and are just looking for a soapbox. Likewise we obviously can't control the individual policy of another company and thus those types of issues don't work well here.

We don't care what you say negative about the quality of any GPS product so long as you are actually asking for help and speaking about the facts. The members of this forum participate primarily to assist other members get the most out of their device. If you are not seeking assistance to fix a problem, trying to learn a new feature, or trying to help another user with their issue then your post might not belong in this forum.

Bumping Posts

It sometimes happens that nobody has what they feel is a good answer to your question, so often posts go unanswered. Please do not bump posts within 48 hours of posting. By doing so you are making it more difficult for others the to have their questions seen and answered. If it has been more than 48 hours since you posted your question go ahead and bump it, but please only do so once. It could just be that nobody knows the answer to your question.

For Sale Posts

It is okay to offer your GPS for sale with the following conditions:
• The device is in "used" condition.
• You make it directly for sale here... not a link to eBay, craigslist, etc.
• Only one post... don't bump it or add it again later.
• Your listing is for occasional, personal use. (i.e. you don't have a dozen devices to sell.)


We expect everyone to use family friendly language and tone at all times. A few automatic word censors are in place, however not all inappropriate words are setup that way. You may not alter the spelling of a word, add punctuation, or otherwise try to bypass the filter.
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