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still get warranty help?

njlarry 0 Points
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I've used Navigon fresh to reload the SD card but the unit seems to be corrupted. It does not recognize the SD card and will only run the demo mode. The 2100 unit is still "under warrany". Can I expect any help from Navigon? I emailed them but won't hold my breath waiting for an answer.
Thanks for your help.


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Unfortunately I don't have a good answer for a USA customer getting help from Navigon. Most web links get redirected to a watered-down web site. You could try bombarding them with emails through one of their European sites such as Navigon International.

    At the International Customer Service page the list of support contacts does not list the USA although there is a reference to "the rest of the world" phone number:

    Rest of World: 0049-221 2888 999 (rate depends on local provider) Our customer service is there for you from Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 8:00pm (German Time)

    If you have not tried contacting support via your MyNavigon account that would be another avenue of approach.

    I suggested some time ago that customers that feel they have been defrauded should contact their State Attorney General's consumer office and file a complaint.

    Navigon is also on Facebook and Twitter, but on FB the chatter seems to be about the iPhone app, but you could raise a "stink" there and see if you get any responses. I don't hang out there so I don't have a clue how that would go.
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