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Navigon 7100 "Fresh does not support this device"

AlGal-FL 0 Points
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I've had a 7100 model for two years, and I paid (dearly) for Fresh updates. In fact, I updated the maps in July, 2009. Today, I get a "Fresh does not support this device" message, both for software updates and map updates. Has Navigon actually stopped supporting the 7100?


  • Well, to answer my own question: I solved that problem the old fashioned way, by slapping it upside the head and dropping a quarter in the slot. No, seriously, I unplugged the USB cable (where it plugged into my Navigon), waited about three seconds, and plugged it in again. Now my computer "sees" my Navigon, which it hadn't done before, and I'm not getting that "does not support this device" message.

    I'm now coping with Navigon's woeful interface. I had to register my product - for the third time. Then I printed a 9-page Download and Installation Guide. Now I'm trying to find an image of my Navigon device ("below") to start the downloading, but don't see it. Oh, there it is, on a different page. Sheesh. I've done this before so I know it isn't impossible but at some point I know I will have to get my techy hat on my head to finish this task.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I have had the "Fresh does not support......." message on a couple occasions with my 7200 and as AlGal-FL stated it is just a communication anomaly regarding if/when Fresh is able to detect your 7100. Another option is that Fresh may/should also give you the option of just inserting your micro/SD card directly into your PC and it will detect it there and continue with update process. (I am assuming a 7100 has a SD card of some type???) No need to have the GPS tethered to the PC. It is also a much faster data transfer directly to the inserted card.

    My advice would be to start/run Fresh, plug USB into PC, plug mini-USB end into GPS last. But, as always, YMMV.
  • Act I, scene iii of this sad story is that I downloaded the "software update," which includes a "free complimentary map update." More than an hour later, I now have some sort of "update" that includes a U.S. and Canada map dated 02.27.2008. Problem: It replaced a U.S. and Canada map dated 07.03.2009. Thanks a lot, Navigon. Now I'm going to "Navigon Fresh," not to be confused with the Navigon web site, to try my luck again.
  • Act II, scene i of this tragicomedy: I'm downloading the map, but I got a message saying my memory card is too small for the newest (larger) map. I deleted the maps for Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska, and plunged ahead. Many long minutes later, I've watched as the new map downloaded (15 minutes). . . then was extracted (6.7 minutes). . . and is being installed (estimated 40 minutes at the rate it is going) . . . I'm thankful to have a fiber optic Internet connection! I'm half expecting it to tell me the file is too big for the card after all, in which case I'll run up to Best Buy and look for a bigger card, then start over. Stay tuned.
  • Finally! The upgrade is finished, apparently successfully. My 2-gig card has only 30.5 MB of free space, so I am going to delete the maps for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico to give the card a little bit more breathing room. If the maps keep getting larger I'll need to get a larger card. For now, it seems to have fit. I have the 3rd quarter 2009 maps. If it shows the new layout for the various Tampa International Airport entrances and exits, I can probably live with it for quite a while.

    The (mistaken) registration of my product three times created confusion because Navigon now seems to think I have three of their units, but the two phantom units cannot be updated. I have no idea how to delete the two phantom units. At this point, I don't care.
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