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myDashboard vs WebUpdater...which should I use?

First off, to see what firmware (or "System Software" in Garmin-speak) is on your unit, press Tools>Settings>System>About. The "Software Version" number should be displayed in the upper-right corner.

For example: Software Version 4.60

myDashboard vs WebUpdater

myDashboard does not specifically tell you what is being updated on your GPS nor does it give you the option to select which updates you want to install. It will also always state "Updating Firmware" regardless of what is being updated. Yes, it does update the firmware on the unit but there are also additional updates as well that may also be available for the unit. These additional updates can be GPS Chipset updates, voice updates, help & text file updates, GTM xx updates (FM traffic receiver), GDB 5x updates (MSN Direct receiver), etc. For example, when myDashboard updates voices, it updates ALL the voices on the unit, regardless of if you use them or not which can be quite time consuming to download and install. Using WebUpdater in this case, you can update just the voice you are using rather than all of the voices on the unit.

Using WebUpdater instead of myDashboard will allow the user to see exactly what updates are available for the unit and gives the user the option to update or not update those components.

You can also use a combination of myDashboard along with WebUpdater as I do. Use myDashboard (if you're already in your browser) to see if any updates are available. If there are, switch to WebUpdater to see exactly what updates are available and update those which you are interested in applying to the unit.

You can download WebUpdater from the Garmin website:

Originally posted 12/10/2009 by Sergey Zakharov


  • Tim 1484 Points
    Nice write-up. It is now a sticky.
  • Curious....does this still hold true today, nine months later?
  • SergZak 340 Points
    Unfortunately, yes it does.
  • I did the Webupdater the other day, then after that was done, I logged back into website and checked for updates via the dashboard and there was another one, so I downloaded and installed it, now my 1490T doesn't shut down properly. I have it connected to the Ecoroute HD, so whenever I shut the engine off, I get a prompt on the screen of the nuvi that asks me if I want to shut it off or leave it on. So I would always select "turn off", and it would shut down. But ever since I did that final update via the website, the unit turns back on again after a few minutes. Like, I go out to the car in the morning and it's on, yet I selected "turn off" the night before. Something strange is going on.
  • CynicX 0 Points
    Webupdater downgrades the software on my 2350LMT. After every update I check and record software version on the GPS. It is annoying mydashboard doesnt tell me.

    Currently my Nuvi 2350LMT has:
    Software - 3.10
    Text - 3.10

    When I use webupdater it says its updating to
    Software - 3.00
    Text - 3.00

    And if I let it will install them too...

    I would just keep a close eye on software version esp with newer garmin units...
  • Lilla 0 Points
    I wrote a tutorial that I think many people will find helpful. I welcome your feedback and comments.

    1490T Tutorial 3. Step-by-Step How to update the software in your device using WebUpdater
    This tutorial, and others, is stored on my Microsoft SkyDrive Account.
    To open this tutorial, click the link below, then click the name of the tutorial.

    Garmin tells us "For most devices, the preferred way to update the software for a Garmin device is by using the WebUpdater program." This software includes firmware, GPS, help, text, keyboards, Bluetooth, traffic, vehicles, voices, and more.

    You must run WebUpdater before installing a map update. Otherwise, the map updating progrm (Garmin Map Updater and Garmin Lifetime Updater) will automatically update the software in your device stating only "Updating Device Software". There will be no opportunity for you to exit and run WebUpdater.
  • I will say this regarding a new unit.

    "My dashboard" did not update voices, nor did it inform me that additional voices were available.

    "Web updater" did allow me to update voices.
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