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Navigon 2100 max

jprepotente1 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Man I goofed. I got a friends 2100 max and updated the software to 1.2 using my 7100 update. I miss read the website stating that the update was for 7100, 2100max thinknig that the ONE update was for all units. I was updating the 2100 max because it kept getting a fatal error. So like I do with my 7100 I format and retrieve the update. Now I can not find the product ID#. Does anyone know how I can find a product ID#?

Plus I was reading somewhere the Q3 2009 update has an issue with traffic. I am new to the site and I cannot PM "ovclkcd" (SP). Can anyone help me retrieve the TMC.dll.

Tahnks for any help in advance.


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