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Navigon worthless on iphone 3G... great on 3GS

lordhamster 0 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
Well folks its confirmed. I just replaced my iphone 3G with a 3Gs and the Navigon application that was previously intolerably slow now runs fast and smooth.

On the 3G I could not play music and navigate without audio instructions stuttering. Using the menu to enter an address or look up a POI was a very painful process because every step of the way caused huge amounts of lag.

Select Ohio...lag...lag... ok. Select Cleveland...lag...lag...lag. Enter a street. A....lag...b....laag....e...laaag


Meanwhile my TomTom app always worked great on the 3G. Anyway, for those experiencing problems on the 3G it seems (at least in my experience) that Navigon Mobile Navigator is just too bloated to run well on that device. For you folks a phone upgrade is well worth it.


  • Tim 1484 Points
    I'm still holding on to my 3G until the next gen iPhone comes out in January or (more likely) June.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    No Nexus for you then?
  • Tim 1484 Points
  • That Nexus looks good. I agree the next iPhone will be out in June again. Unfortunately my battery crapped out on my 3G and rather than paying to replace it I just upgraded. I will sell the old 3G on ebay for someone who wants to use it with a Power case or wants to replace the battery themseleves.
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