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navigon 2090s need help

robccrowe 0 Points
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i have a navigon 2090s gps and my gps wont come on it says to reset it and i did that and still doesnt do nothing. so i wonder what should i do now? it started doing it when i tried to downloaded the q2 2009 maps to it.I also have another question do i need a memory card for the 2090s gps or will the cord i got with it work to download the new version of q2 2009 maps? How do i download it to my gps? thnx need some help please


  • I have a 2100 Model but the functional specs. are similar. First I would turn on GPS without SD card. After GPS boot doesn't see the card it should automatically go int demo mode. If it does you know the GPS side is fine. Now you place card back in and see if it boots to program. If not it still may have necessary data to downlaod the latest version which is Q3 2009. You will need to download Navigon Fresh Utility for all software downloads from Navigon. Once you have this, make sure you have all the latest software using the prompts within Fresh. Using a USB cable with a Mini USB for GPS side, plug into USB port of PC and turn it on. If you see a PC link Icon your good. You should be able to download new software from here. Ignore the Navigon Prompt about needing a 4Gb Sd card. You shouldn't need it. I didn't! Anoher way to get download is to place SD card into a SD card reader on PC or one of the plug in readers and Navigon fresh will find it. This will also be a faster download. If all is well take time to backup this software using Fresh. Thia will give you an easy way to restore in the future.
    Good Luck! Hope This Helps!!
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