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Topo maps stored on harddrive with Windows 7

Ranman 81 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
Our old PC died over the weekend and the new one came out of the box last night. Under Windows XP I was able to copy the topo maps on the harddrive and then by changing a couple of registry keys Mapsource would look for them there instead of on the CD drive. Is this possible with Windows 7?


  • Boyd 1853 Points
    I don't know anything about Windows 7, but this thread (see the last post) describes the process for XP. But honestly, if you still have the original DVD then I think it would easier to re-install from scratch. That's what I did on my Windows Vista machine and it worked perfectly with no need to mess with the registry. After installing you would want to upgrade to the newest version of Mapsource.

    [edit]Now that I read you post again, it sounds like you have the OLD version of the Topo maps which was designed to work directly off a set of CD's. That might take some hacking. The new version of Topo 100k (aka US Topo 2008) is distributed on a single DVD and the maps are all installed on your computer the first time you start the program.
  • Ranman 81 Points
    Yes, I have the 3 CD set purchased about 5 years ago. Kind of difficult to justify buying the DVD to be able to store the files on the harddrive.
  • Ranman 81 Points
    Found the directions for doing this under XP with regedit and they are nearly identical for Windows 7. Only difference is MS added another layer before you get to Garmin\Mapsource\Products in the registry. Process took about 15 minutes.
    First make a new folder named data under C:\Garmin. Copy the East, West, Hawaii and Alaska folders from the 3 topo CDs to the new C:\Garmin\Data folder.
    Open the registry with regedit. Search for Alaska with <edit><find>, then the F3 key (find next) until you find Garmin\MapSource\Products. Found it under


    There will be 4 entries there numbered 6-9, corresponding to East, West, Hawaii and Alaska. Each of these numbered entries will contain 4 keys. Doing one at a time double click on the LOC keys and change its value from E:\East (and West, Hawaii,..., assuming your optical drive is E) to C:\Garmin\Data\East (and west, Hawaii,...). Be careful navigating in the registry. Exit out of the registry. Mapsource should go right to the harddrive when you ask for the topo maps.

    BTW - that Wow6432node thing wasn't my idea.
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