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Nuvi 255WT vehicle power cable

Does the Nuvi 255WT come with a GTM 25 traffic cord? If so, can I sell it, then power the Nuvi with a standard OEM vehicle power cable, turning off the traffic option and the ads, basically turning it into a Nuvi 255W?


  • Marc 201 Points
    Yes, If you don't have a traffic cord you won't receive any ads anyway, so I don't think it makes a difference if you have traffic checked or not. Just make sure all old adds are cleared from the file system.
  • Ah ok thanks didn't know that. So the 255W and 255WT are identical except for their vehicle power cables.
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    All of the "t" models are exactly the same as the non-t models. In fact, you will see that the model number on the unit will not include a "t". It is just packaged with the receiver cord.

    But I'm not sure about moving the receiver to a different unit. There are different versions for different models. The 2x5 series uses a USB cord, but the 7x5 and 8x5 series have an active cradle and different kind of cord.
  • Lew_B 0 Points
    Hi, just bought a 255wt at BB along with an 'accessory pack' that contains a case, dash mounting 'thingy' and power cord.
    Based on the above posts, am I correct to ass-u-me that unless the power cord in the accessory pack is the exact same as is included with the WT, that the traffic updates won't work ? If so, that sucker is going back ! I was wondering why the cord seemed so 'beefy' to just be a USB power connection :?
    I also have a wall plug to USB adapter for my Motorola Razr phone. Can that be used to re-charge the Garmin ? Hopefully a USB is a USB ...
  • alanb 419 Points
    Traffic service is built into the power cord, so there is a difference between a plain power cord and a traffic receiver power cord. The answer to your second question is any USB charger should work for charging as long as its output is 5 V and between 500 and 1000 ma.
  • Tim 1466 Points
    The traffic receiver hardware and antenna is built into the car charger cord in devices equipped with traffic (like the 255wt). So yes, the traffic updates will not work if you don't use the supplied car charger.

    As to your Razr AC charger-- some may work and some might not. Many non-Garmin chargers will put the GPS into USB mode because it sees that it isn't connected to a Garmin car charger and thus assumes it is connected to a computer.
  • Lew_B 0 Points
    Thanks !
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