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1470 or 1475 ???

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Long story short - kind of!
Bought 1470 last May - worked well and was spot on accurate.
Nov. - update to 2.05 - bricked 3 days later, returned to magellan.
11 days later - rcvd NEW unit 2.05fw wouldnd't save address or destination. Was also 80' off from map. TS says update to 2.05r3 - ok now with saving, but still off on map.
Return to Magellan and they say because of all my problems, they will send an upgrade unit back.
Yesterday - got a refurb 1470 with traffic option - 2.05fw. Wouldn't store address or destination AND 100' off. TS says update to 2.05r6, this will solve ALL your problems,but system still says rel 3, oh no -TS says it is really rel6. OK! done - stores address and destinations, but still 100' off. Call back to TS and find out I really have a 1470 with a 1475 so they tell me to download and insatll 2.20r2 - this will solve ALL my problems. Also, thank you for "upgrading" me to a 1475? but you didn't send me a traffic link cable, so it really isn't an upgrade. However they are willing to let me buy a cable at their website for the listed price?????? Actually at this time I don't need traffic so I don't care. Done and no - still 100' off. AND - TS does say that being that far off IS a problem. Will be calling today for another RA#. Is the govt. now running Magellan?
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