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Moov 300 free map updates, we only promise, not deliver [Mio

I bought the new Moov 300 in Nov 0f 2008, registered my GPS, was told on the MIO website they said the Map dates were coming in 2009 , maybe in May or June then in July, they said we would be informed when they were available by e-mail , called in Aug and Sept, they said they were all sent out and no more free updates and you had to have signed up on a seperate website for the updates, which I never found.They said they had no record of me registering even tho I printed out the page with my registration confirmation.
Has anyone else run into this and is there anything I can do or someone
else I can contact to update this GPS, I love the features it has, but I haven,t been able to use it because it will not pick up many of the locations around here .
Thanks for any help you can provide
Larry A


  • Did you try e-mailing them a copy of the registration printout? You have to go through several screens in the FAQ section before they let you e-mail them, but you'll get there eventually.

    Geeze, I hate all these companies that pretty much discourage if not downright eliminate e-mail contact abilities. Hey Tim, perhaps a sticky somewhere with actual e-mail support addresses would be helpful to readers. ;)
  • gatorguy 328 Points
    According to Mio North America:

    Inquiry about Mio product:
    Looking for answers to your Mio devices? We have three different channels for you to reach our service representatives, On-Line Chat (Free), Inquiry service (Free, registration required), and Call Center service .

    Phone# is 1-866-MIO-4-GPS
  • I have tried several times to e-mail the receipts and received a generic response, that the map updates were coming soon.
    Also talked to a rep 2 or 3 times same response, coming soon and no record of your registration or sign up for updates. I wonder how they got my e-mail address if there,s no record of my registration which I filled out on their website? So much for the screw ups thats past history and beating this dead horse won,t get it moving again. I need to talk to someone who can fix my updates that were promised when we bought this GPS, so either they will honor what they wrote on their websites and provide the free updates or I have to go buy the updates for $70.00
    and tell everyone , forget the promises these companies make, because they are not worth the paper or cyber space they are on.
    I need someone who can fix this problem and a number for a live person without the run around. I am willing to work with them , because just getting upset doesn,t fix problems and I appreciate companies that are willing to fix a mistake and set things right, no company is perfect and things happen and people try all types of scams for free stuff, so they develop a tough skin to deal with them and sometimes the legit claims get lost or passed over, so we have to see things from their side sometimes also and have patience things will work out.
    larry A.
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