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Zagat Reviews Now Missing after 3Q 2009 Fresh Maps Update

JimLec 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Well, as most of you know Navigon came out with the long awaited 3Q 2009 Fresh Maps Update. If you are holding off upgrading because of the message of getting a 4Gb card, don't worry about it. The 2Gb card works fine and I'm not sure why such a blanket statement was made. I stlll have nearly 300mb left after update. I had difficulty getting a clean download with the program running very slow at first. I downloaded it again and it now works just fine.
However,I have noticed that the Zagat Review option that I have is now missing even though it is unlocked in my system. My back up 2Q 2009 Card has the option and is working. Anyone out there experience the same issue? Anyone have a solution? I know Navigon has dumped out of the PND market, but has anyone been able to contact customer support, because I haven't.
Any Info Welcome!
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