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5100 compared to 2100

Agent15 0 Points
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Have had a 2100 and like it. Was looking at the 5100Max at Radio Shack. Other than the size of the screen, what differences are there between the 2100 and the 5100? I do have the traffic on my 2100.


  • You get traffic and bluetooth connectivity with the 5100max. My 5100max from RadioShack also has a FreshMaps subscription (whether or not it's worth it remains to be seen).
  • I have 5100max yes the traffic and the free map it s a lot faster at recaluting bluetooth and more poi wider screen. I have a 2100 dont use it much because the 5100 is so much better
  • Thanks everyone for your replies. One last question, it seems that I may have seen somewhere in the forum about the 5100 not being able to turn off. Does anyone know anyhing about this? Does it turn on and off the same as the 2100?
  • no doesnt have a dedicated button likte the 2100
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