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1350T can't find satellite

Bought two 1350T's for Christmas presents. Neither of them work.
Both display the ACQUIRING SATELLITE message for a while, then display the HAVING TROUBLE FINDING SATELLITE message. Never find where they are, both think they are in Taiwan based on map displayed when you zoom out.

Have access to only one of the two units. Took the unit out into an area away from buildings, trees for ten minutes, no luck. Prior to updating the software used the display that shows what satellites the unit can detect never displayed any signal strength for any satellite. Used the Garmin WebUpdate tool to update the software on that unit, no change in how it behaves. Icons for maybe 6-8 satellites were displayed on the circle before the software update, but none highlighted. My older garmin always shows strength for at least a couple. After updating the software no icons are displayed at all, and again after ten minutes in the open the display indicates it never found ANY satellite at all. Also left it suction cupped to inside of house window for an hour, it again never gave any indication it ever made any contact with a GPS satellite.

Unit behaves as if it has no antenna whatsoever. So, have ANY 1350T's EVER WORKED?


  • Tim 1466 Points
    So, have ANY 1350T's EVER WORKED?
    I've never heard of one not working. But 10 minutes might not be long enough for an initial acquisition. I'd wait 30 minutes outside with an unobstructed sky view before thinking there might be something wrong.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Since you performed an update on the units perhaps a master reset is in order: See thread for hard reset procedure:
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    Hopefully these suggestions will get you going. I recently got a 1350t and fired it up in my kitchen. Within a minute or so it locked onto the satellites.
  • I gave a 255WT to my oldest son and his wife for Christmas. Before we wrapped it I turned it on to make sure it was working, hooked it up to my PC to make sure that was working then un hooked it and let it sit on my desk while I worked on convincing the Mastiffs I still loved them. I think they have doggy altzheimers! Seems you scratch them and pet them and tell them they are good dogs and 30 minutes later or so you have to do it again. If you try to ignore them they have this cute way of getting your attention, they put your arm in their mouth! They don't bite, just hold it. Ever try to type with 200 lb of dog holding your elbow in his nouth? The 255WT It aquired the birds within 5 minutes or so sitting on my desk.

    When they opened it on Christmas day (my son and his wife, not the Mastiffs :lol: ) we had to take it out side before it would find the birds so it take different amounts of time depending on where the birds are in relation to the Nuvi and what may be between the birds and the Nuvi
  • Jim99 0 Points
    Took the 1350T for a ride today, three hours plugged into the cigarette lighter with a fine view of the sky. No contact with any GPS satellite. The "radar scope" display which shows the satellites and the signal strength from each of them remains completely blank. No icons, no signal strengths, no location or speed or anything else.

    It still appears that this unit does not have any receiver hardware, or no antenna or some other significant manufacturing flaw. The software functions appear to be working correctly, every menu has options and changes made stay made, everything except for the minor problem of no satellite contact.

    When first activeted it displays Acquiring Satellites, then it says Trouble Finding Satellites (asks if it should continue looking), then it displays Locating Satellites. I would guess that Acquiring satellites means its trying to find signals from those it expects to see, failing to find them it falls back to the earlier stage of looking for any satellite.
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    You next stop will have to be Garmin support, there is something very wrong. Where did you purchase these? Today I was playing with a Nuvi 205w at Best Buy and when it left demo mode the map was centered somewhere in Africa!
  • alanb 419 Points
    Have you tried outside the car? I have read that some cars have a special type of reflective glass that interferes with satellite signals.
  • Tim 1466 Points
    Took the 1350T for a ride today, three hours plugged into the cigarette lighter with a fine view of the sky.
    While three hours sounds like long enough, it will take significantly longer to get a signal if you are moving before it gets a signal.
  • ifse 0 Points
    Today I was playing with a Nuvi 205w at Best Buy and when it left demo mode the map was centered somewhere in Africa!
    Africa has come a long way. Now they even have Best Buy. Applebee's can't be far behind :P
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Any chance the gps is in Simulation mode? That turns off the gps receiver.
  • Jim99 0 Points
    I have had the unit in simulation mode, when it asks if it should continue to try to find satellites and you answer NO it goes into simulation mode. Which works very well! But it was not in that mode except briefly.

    Sent an email to support describing the problem. The phone support number had the message about wait times being more than 30 minutes...

    As it happens my niece got another Garmin for Christmas. Took it out of the box, turned it on, set it on the windowsill, and FIVE minutes later it was displaying the map showing where her apartment is. I find the three hour hour setup times that some have suggested just a touch long, LOL.
  • Tim 1466 Points
    II find the three hour hour setup times that some have suggested just a touch long, LOL.
    Nobody that I saw suggested a three hour setup time. I said three hours was tool long, but that it will take the GPS much longer to get a signal if the device is moving than if it is stationary.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    While you are waiting for a reply from Garmin support the only question left to ponder is "Are you near Area 51?" :roll: :wink:
  • SAS 0 Points
    I have the same problem as Jim99. I wrote an email to Garmin Tech Support and am waiting for an answer. I am thinking of returning the GPS for another one.
  • I bought 6 1350Ts for Christmas presents. All that have been tried so far (3 of them) work fine. The initial acquiring of satellites does take quite some time... I didn't time it, but 10 minutes seems about what it was. This was stationary in my front yard. I'd suggest a master reset of both of your units, and then turn them both on outside with no obstructions and wait. As stated, if you are moving while it is still trying to acquire the satellites, it takes longer. For both of your units to have the same problem is very odd (unless it is pilot error... :P)
  • SAS 0 Points
    I ended up returning the unit and replacing it with the exact same model. This time it found a satellite within 3 mins.

    Garmin had contacted me and told me to down load new software... I think it was easier to get another unit.
  • Jim99 0 Points
    After an exchange with Garmin customer service via email the customer support rep wants me to return the unit, either to the store where I bought it or Garmin. Since I am out of town at the moment it won't be until next week when can I see if the store will exchange the unit for a different one.

    Garmin never asked me to reset the unit or upgrade the software again, I guess they decided what I already had done was sufficient. I sent them the current versions of every software package on the unit so those must have been the latest ones.

    It appears that the other unit (which I gave to my niece) finally decided to work. I suspect operator error (teenagers are SO IMPATIENT) and it required a while plugged into a computer charging the battery then a period sitting OUTSIDE of her house for it to finally find a satellite.
  • Jim99 0 Points
    Took the unit back to the store I purchased it from and exchanged it for another 1350T. Customer service did not seem to surprised at the return of a GPS unit, no questions asked anyway.

    The new 1350T worked right out of the box. Took it out to my car, turned it on and it took about two minutes for it to display my location.
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    Just yesterday I was thinking that my 1350t is really fast to acquire the satellites actually. Most of the time, I see almost full green bars as soon as it finishes the boot process. It usually acquires a signal inside my home in a few seconds as well.

    I have been testing a map I created on several different units, and had a Nuvi 205 sitting right next to the 1350 on my desk. After sitting there for 5 minutes or more I got a message on the 205 saying it couldn't locate the satellites. The 1350 locked right on after starting up.
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