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Mio Moov 400 [Mio]

sdwig 0 Points
Just got this product for Christmas and I am new to GPS and find a couple of wierd things happening with the device. First our home address is being incorrectly reported by the gps. Now is this the fault of the device or the GPS tracking? It shows our house on the other side of the street and it's about a block down from us. Also have checked a couple of other addresses and they also seem to be off just a bit. The other issue is if you are driving and then stop by a residence or business and the address showing is way off as well.

I talked to Radio Shack and they thought the device was bad so I swapped for another and it is doing the same. So is this typical from GPS's or is this just a MIO issue?


  • sdwig 0 Points
    Thanks for the link it does help.
  • sdwig 0 Points
    Is anyone using a Mio Moov 400 and if so what are your thoughts on the device?
  • hi,

    i just got one, seems pretty good.

    One thing, whenever I try the MioMore software, I connect the device and it is recognized, then it says 'failed to connect to the mio server, make sure you are connected to the internet'.

    Anyone else have this?
  • sdwig 0 Points
    Yes that happens because it needs to open a page out on the internet and check itself for any updates, but also make sure that your Mio is connected to your computer. Otherwise it gives me that error everytime when I open Mio Desktop application by itself. You have to have your own USB Cable in order for it to connect it to your computer. I have a PS3 and the usb cable that recharges the controllers on that are the same needed for connecting your Mio.

    I decided to keep mine versus sending it back and am starting to like the device. It was off a couple of residences but seems to be doing everything else very well.
  • hi,

    funny thing, I am using my PS3/PSP usb cable to charge/connect too! Yeah, I actually have an iMac and am using VmWare Fusion to run XP in a virtual machine. works just fine with the MIO software.

    I have downloaded some customer POI data from this site.

    I too am liking my Mio M400, it's pretty nice and you cannot beat the price! Got it at Radio Shack for 99 bucks!

    Pretty good stuff.
  • I was wondering,

    does your M400 speaker distort at higher volume levels?
  • sdwig 0 Points
    yeah if I have it at full volume it seems to crackle a little.
  • mine buzzes/cracks a bit at 75%. At 50 - 60% it's fine.

    I wonder if I should return it?
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