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Insufficient space on memory card to update maps?

Charlie Brown 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Having just had the above problem with my Navigon 2150 max when trying to update to Q4 Europe 2009 , I though I might pass on some information that could be of some help to fellow Navigon users.

After trawling through loads of messages and web sites, I got the impression that, despite what it says in the Navigon user manual, I might be able to use a bigger memory card than the supplied 2GB (the success of this in previous posts seems to be ambiguaous). I figured it was worth a try so bought a 4GB SDHC card, which came pre-formatted for FAT 32. I resored my old backup with 2008 maps onto this card. At first, the 2150 max did not like it but once I manually 'reset' it with the card in it worked fine. Next step, update the maps in Fresh Maps. 1.5 hrs later and and another hard 'reset' and it was updated and working as it should.
So - The Navigon 2100 series does seem to work OK with a >2GB SD card. You may have to reset the device when you 1st use the new card.
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