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Screen protector for 265T? Mine won't stick!

I really like this gps - not too expensive and the traffic works pretty well. It's also smaller than my old Magellan and fits easily into the glove compartment without disassembling the mount. So, rather than get a standard case for it, I'd like to get it a screen protector to guard it against accidents in the glove compartment.

I had a spare Pocket Solutions one so I cut it to size but it won't stick. It's a "polymer film overlay" that uses static rather than adhesives. I've used these on cell phones and all sorts of things with no problem. I scanned for Screen Protector topics but didn't see anything about one not sticking. Any idea why this one won't stick?


  • ifse 0 Points
    These films depend on static electricity to make them stick. But the coating on the GPS glass is slightly conductive, preventing static charge from building up, thus making it impossible for the film to stick to the glass.

    OK, I made that up.
  • gatorguy 224 Points
    Sounds really good tho :lol:

    It's likely the screen texture. It's not perfectly smooth and glossy. Any texture/anti-glare finish at all and static cling's won't stick. You'll need an adhesive-based one like some from Invisible Shield
  • dgk 0 Points
    Ah, this is the problem with digging through your desk drawers to find a screen protector - it's like a box of chocolates. I'm not even sure that first one was actually the protector and not the backing. It had been opened.

    I once wrote an application that ran on the old Dell Axim x51v (best PDA ever created - I still use one). So I had 20 of them at one time and boxes of screen savers and extra styluses. Stylii? Anyway, I just found a screen protector from BoxWave called ClearTouch. They were very good with the Axims, and it seems like it works fine (with a bit of a trim) for the Garmin.
  • gatorguy 224 Points
    So I had 20 of them at one time and boxes of screen savers and extra styluses. Stylii?
    Actually when they're gathered together they're officially called packs.
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