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Squirrely Voice

A new voice was added to the Garmin Garage:

Happy New Year,


  • kenp 92 Points
    Any idea what the squirrel is saying in the sample? I've played it a bunch of times and can't figure it out.

  • alanb 419 Points
    I agree ... sounds like annoying jibberish to me. No thanks, I will stick with Jill.
  • "Run me on your Nuvi! I promise I wont wont drive you nuts.. although, I may drive you to them!"
  • I have this voice installed on my Nuvi, and love it. It's funny.

    "If a squirrel runs out in front of you, it's probably my Uncle Frank, he's crazy like that"

    "Did you tell your friends you have a squirrel stuck in your Nuvi?"

    "Do you think gas stations have walnuts?"

    Just a few of the things it says.
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