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Deluo Bluetooth GPS receiver x HTC Wizard not working

cassio gebara 0 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
Hello everybody,

I have a Wizard (HTC Qtek A9100) Smartphone with ROM Hornet Manilla 4.5 upgraded on December 2008.
Everything is working well except my Deluo Bluetooth GPS.
I already tested other bluetooth assessories that are working 100%.
The Smartphone can find the GPS receiver on Bluetooth tab, but they can't stabilish a full comunication. (Bluetooth comunication ok means the blue lamp doesn't flashing and it is flashing...)
The Navigator software I'm using is Destinator 7.
Everytime I turn on the bluetooth on smartphone and turn on the GPS, they start working for 2 or 3 sec, which means blue lamp doesn't flashing and comunication stablished. After that, they loose the connection each other and the light become flashing.
There are a lot os sets to be done and it is not clear for me:
COM port #2 for the navigator software;
COM port #7 for the hardware;
NMEA protocol for the GPS;
Bound Rate for GPS;
Serial Port for service.
Why two COM ports ? Why serial port ?
A lot os things that I don't understand.
I really would like to have the GPS working again and for me there isn't a hardware problem (Smartphone or GPS) but a configuration problem (comunication or connection) and not the partnership between both equipments which is OK.
Is there anything that can be done in order to solve this problem ?

Tks in advance.


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