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Customer service problems beyond belief.I can't get my GPS.

szifra 0 Points
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Anyone have success getting through to someone in the U.S. to resolve a
I broke my old roadmate. Was told to send it in and would get a rebate toward a new one--so I ordered one, gave them my credit card, etc.
That was five weeks ago. I've called 6 times, sent two emails, and even left a message with someone in their marketing department. No success, no GPS, nothing.
It's been literally the worst customer service of my life.
Your thoughts?


  • Tim 1481 Points
    Unfortunately I hear stories like yours quite often with Magellan.
  • szifra 0 Points
    I wonder if we can call a newspaper and have them interview disgruntled customers if there are so many of us. Could be a good story.
  • philly 0 Points
  • szifra 0 Points
    Someone does answer that number, but it's in India.

    I have called that number at least 6 times. Sometimes I get someone quite quickly, but even when I do, they are in India and have no idea about anything happening at the Ft. Worth, TX place I sent the original GPS.
    They've been polite, but completely ineffective. On my last attempt, when I asked for a number to call in the US, I was given one that didn't work.
  • philly 0 Points
  • szifra 0 Points
    thank you. good suggestion. I will definitely follow up-with the credit card company. I ordered a Garmin in the meantime, which came in 5 days and is great.

    And unless someone from Magellan contacts me soon, I'll also contact Business Week and some other magazines and large newspapers like the Wall Street Journal. I was quoted in Business Week and have some contacts there and appeared on Business Week television, as well.
  • You guys are not alone. I have been waiting for over 2 months now to get my Roadmate 3000T repaired. Actually, they upgraded me for having to wait a month for it. Well, that was a month ago... so are they going to upgrade me again? By the way... tis was the second time that I had to send the unit in for repair... and it cost me shipping plus the cost of having to rent a GPS twice. I am leaving on another business trip and if I don't get it I will have to rent another one. Actually, I am thinking of getting a TomTomGo. I will sell the new unit when it arrives. Anyone want to buy a new Magellan? It's Cheap!!!! Works great! :-)

    I keep getting promises of "7 days" and it will be there... "I Promise". I am so tired of hearing "I'm Sorry" in broken English.

    Magellan's service is terrible and I am going to tell everyone on every forum I can find until it is in my hands.
  • Call this person at Magellan Quality Assurance
    Robert Gallegos
    866- 868 -2259
    Leave message in mailbox about your problem , he will return your call. Give as much information include serial number and don't forget to leave a number so ihe call you back.
  • Ok... here is the latest.

    After calling and talking with the PR guy... he has taken care of things, I have a tracking number and it is set to be delivered on Monday. Works for me.

    He told me that he was pretty pissed about all that was happening and mentioned server crashes and growing pains. Sounds possible. Anyway, I finally reached someone who took care of things and got it done.

    If it works longer than a few months and they work things out... then I will be a customer for a long time. I do like their GPS units.
  • By the way... it is coming overnight. I just went to the UPS website to track the package and it is in the system and set to be delivered on Monday. It would be here tomorrow, but UPS doesn't deliver here on Saturdays. No problem.
  • Should have used 'DHL'
  • Should have used 'DHL'

    You know... at this point, I am just happy that it is about to leave their offices. :-)
  • Thank you so much for Quality Assurance name and number. Just tried, but they're closed on Saturday. Will try again on Monday. Would be great to resolve this.
  • Well... the PR guy came through. I made first contact with him last Friday after writing him on Thursday evening. I explained my problem to him and he took charge.

    I received my new GPS today. That's all I wanted... no excuses and some action to be taken.

    OK... so Magellan is back in my good graces again. I love the product and hope to use this GPS for a while.
  • I just got the OK to put the name of the person who helped me into the forum.

    His info is...

    Raphel Finelli
    Senior Public Relations Manager
    Magellan GPS

    He is awesome and took control of things. He want's to make sure that customers are happy and I am one of them that can say that he did just that.
  • Thank you so much. Just sent a detailed email to him and will let you know. I appreciate you making his name available to us.
  • joev 180 Points
    I received an email offer to purchase updated maps for my RoadMate 700. I forgot my password so after two+ days of requesting a new password via the Magellan site I call customer service. Yes, I had trouble understanding the rep due to a heavy accent. I called customer service twice. The first rep said a new password would be sent to my userid. A day later a second rep tells me they are having software problems and it should be fixed within 45 minutes. Well, when I told him it has been two days and it appears Magellan doesn't need my business and that I was considering another brand he didn't really seem concerned. I hate dealing with folks outside of the U.S.A. and will dig under the covers and find someone in authority at Magellan and will receive a new password. However, I now have second thoughts about even purchasing the update from Magellan as if this is how their customer service is I'd rather be fishing! It basically stinks. Well, I now have to search for their corporate guru's names and send either a letter or email explaining my disatisfaction with their operation.
  • Thank you so much. Just sent a detailed email to him and will let you know. I appreciate you making his name available to us.
    No problem. I mentioned that I had been updating my posts around the Internet but that I had not mentioned his name. I didn't want him to get inundated with emails after he had been so nice in helping me. It was Raphel's suggestion that I put it in the posts so that he can help anyone else who is having problems. Nice guy!

    Good luck.
  • Well, I now have to search for their corporate guru's names and send either a letter or email explaining my disatisfaction with their operation.

    Try this guy. He helped me after I was in Limbo for over two months. In one day he got me taken care of. He has offered to have others email him too. He wants people to be happy and *** Big Plus *** he is in the USA... Los Angeles to be exact!

    Raphel Finelli
    Senior Public Relations Manager
    Magellan GPS
  • joev 180 Points
    Thanks for the information. I have emailed Mr. Finelli and patiently await a reply. I have once again tried their site to order the new mapping but I still receive no response when I ask for a password reset. What a way to run a business. :roll:
  • Thanks for the information. I have emailed Mr. Finelli and patiently await a reply. I have once again tried their site to order the new mapping but I still receive no response when I ask for a password reset. What a way to run a business. :roll:

    Hey Joev...

    I think that you will find him very helpful. He has always gotten back with me fairly quickly... which surprised me since that wasn't his job to help out. Then, he asked me to put his contact info. on the forums so that others can get in touch also. I have found him more than helpful. But... I used to dread the times that I would call the customer support. Hopefully they will fix that!

    Let him know that you got his info from the forum, if you would. I want him to know that I updated my negative reviews as, and also after, he helped me.

    Good luck!
  • joev 180 Points
    I have sent an email to Mr. Finelli and I received a read receipt as of 12/10/07 at 6:06 P. M. There has been no reply as of this note (12/13/07 at 6:40 P. M. I'm hoping to hear from him soon, otherwise, I will post my email to him on this forum to make others aware of their shoddy, lackluster customer service.
  • I also sent an email to this person and have not heard back, I will not hold my breath. He might have given up and gone to Garmin.
  • He did email me, said he'd be sending a GPS, but I've not received anything yet. Will keep you posted...
  • After dealing with the crap customer service at Magellan for almost a year now and still not having the crossover working properly, I have made the move. I have gone through 3 crossover units, 3 traffic kits, numerous phone calls, and still it doesn't work properly! Finally, I said enough is enough, I sold the crossover on Ebay, and bought two new units. 1. the Navigon 7100 for in the car....awesome unit so far. 2. and the Garmin 60 Csx for on the trails....again awesome unit so far. I have even dealt with customer service at Garmin, and can you believe it. I spoke to someone from this country, spoke perfect english, and even fixed my problem within 5 minutes! Why I waited so long, I have no idea, but one this is for sure, I will never deal with Magellan again!!!!!
  • joev 180 Points
    Below is correspondence via email between myself and Magellan. My password has been reset and I will post as this issue progresses. Please note the length of time it has taken. I am still not satisfied with their initial dust off they gave me. I have removed some personal information fro the emails.

    This was sent by me and my password was reset in a reasonable period of time. However, this has been going on since 12/02/2007.pto someone at Magellan

    Well, I have exhausted most means of my getting a response so I will go to the professionals in hopes of obtaining support and an answer to my problem. Actually, with all the time I have devoted to attempting to stay a Magellan GPS user the maps should be sent to me free to promote good will for your company. Yes, I’m not currently smiling and I did say free.

    Name and Address were placed here by me:

    Last Map Update purchase and install done in March 2006

    I received the email below and since receiving it have tried multiple times via the internet and 2 phone calls to customer service to have my password reset. This has not happened even though I was assured it would be reset within a day. I am unable to take advantage of this offer as I cannot get to the site. In all honesty customer service was basically useless and it appears your software system appears to be flawed. I then sent an email to Mr. Raphel Finelli and have not received a response from him. Please respond to me in either case as I would like to purchase the map update at the discounted price or I will be out shopping for a new brand of GPS. Hopefully you can resolve this issue. This has cost me valuable time and money; yes, a loss of my time is a loss of money for me. I upgraded my GPS once before and had technical support on the phone assisting and it was an excellent display of customer support. I don’t know what has gone wrong but am quite disappointed at how your customer service has taken a turn for the worse. Thank you for your prompt handling of this issue.

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  • I had written Mr. Finelli previously and he interceded and had Mr. Hanam Vuong, Manager Customer Support, contact me. My long-standing problem with Magellan Custoemr Service in India, was resolved in days. Mr. Vuong's E-Mail is

    I believe that efforts by Mr. Finelli and Mr. Vuong will eventually help fix the issues many of us have experienced trying to resolve customer support issues.
  • joev 180 Points
    I have had my password reset and the email was sent by Scott Leming ( Also, the software for the new update arrived shortly after and I have finished the install. I am sure Mr. Finelli assisted in helping resolve my concerns. All is well!
  • I got a free Magellan1200. It wasn't the 2000 I originally ordered (the problem that prompted my original email to the GPS forum), but Mr. Finelli sure made good on his promise to take care of the problem. It was surprisingly easy, given the extent of problems prior to him taking charge.

    I just thanked him profusely and though I did buy one Garmin, I may switch back for future gifts and for other family members. Not sure when/if the good experience with Mr. Finelli will override the bad taste of the worse-than-poor customer service.

    I do prefer some of the features of the Magellan--and the price generally is better.

    Good luck to those of you still struggling--and I would recommend contacting him. I've put the subject line I used and his email back to me. (I did not include my long and detailed email to him).

    I emailed and heard within a couple of days. He did include his cell phone, but I didn't want to have to use it unless email didn't work.

    Subject: Got your email from GPS Forum; I hope you can help me. It's been 10 weeks without a word.

    I will have one sent to you….

    Raphel Finelli
    Senior Public Relations Manager
    Magellan GPS
    408-250-1778 - Mobile
  • szifra,

    As I noted, Mr. Finelli has helped many individuals, as well as others that he contacted within their organization. Magellan is going to have to better train their customer support staff to answer questions accurately, and, be able to take care of problems without avoiding responsibility. Mr. Finelli and his management can't be the sole "mitigators" of issues for too long. That is not their primary function. I hope that they do straighten things out. I have 3 Magellans and without customer service, I would try the Garmin next. Hopefully I won't have any more issues and won't need to contact their customer service. If I do, I'll be writing my contact and avoind the international communication, that so far, has been non-responsive.

    Good luck to all others currently resolving isues.

  • Yes, I have a similar nightmare story about Magellan's service. Too long to post here. Here is the address where I posted it on my web site.
  • I would like to share my experience with you concerning the purchase of a Magellan Crossover GPS system. The reason that I choose this GPS over all of the others that I looked at was the ability to use the GPS for Marine use. I wanted to be able to use it on the Lake and be able to see the depths, hotspots for fish, etc AS ADVERTISED by Magellan. When you read their advestisements it sounds as though all you have to do is to "download the file" for the lake maps.

    Well, I bought the Magellan Crossover GPS and brough it home. Everything on it worked as expected EXCEPT for the lake maps, they were not in it. When you went into the marine maps it was just a blue screen. "Maps not loaded" was noticed on some of the menu choices. So I went online to the Magellan site and re-read the page. OK, I should have known that there would be a CHARGE for downloading the maps. No problem, I paid the $99 for the maps with my check card and awaited for the download. The page sat there stating that it would take 1 to 10 minutes, however, it would be emailed to me if I didn't want to wait. After 2 hours of waiting, I opted for the email. After waiting and waiting, no email, no file, no link, no nothing. On monday, I called Magellan. After a L O N G wait on HOLD I finally got to talk with a human being. I got someone from India and she asked for the make and model of the unit I was calling about. I gave her the information and she wanted my full name, address, phone number, email address, etc etc......

    After giving her everything that she wanted, she stated that the unit I was calling about is handled by another department and she would "transfer" me to that number. I waited 42 minutes on HOLD and she came back on the phone. I explained that it was still me waiting for the other department to assist me with my unit. She stated that she was now ready for me. ??? Why didn't she just tell me that she busy and it would take a half an hour, instead of making me believe that I was being "transferred" to another operator?

    I explained what had happened and that I needed someone to point me to the file location so that I could download what I paid for. She couldn't do that, so guess what(?), YES, you are right, BACK ON HOLD again. Finally after 48 minutes of waiting, another person from India picked up the phone and asked exactly the same questions as the first even after I gave him the reference number. As soon as I finished giving him the information he very quickly said, "Just a minute, I transfer you" CLICK On HOLD AGAIN.

    I wait for an eternity again and finally, you guessed it, the first girl answered the phone AGAIN. Believe it or not, she asked the exact same questions all over again. I played her game and continued. She finally told me that the web page was down for maintenance and that I would have to wait a week to call again. I explained that the web page was alive and well and that IT TOOK MY MONEY. She continued to tell me that I would have to wait a week before anything could be done. I stated that I either wanted the product I paid for, or the money back. She refused to give me the money back. She put me on hold again while she went back to get someone else to help.

    When she came back she informed me that the product was unavailable and that they would send it to me when it became available. She stated the reason was that the web site was not working, it was "down" for maintenance. I AGAIN explained that it was UP and it took my MONEY. At this point, I had already been holding a phone to my ear for for nearly 3 hours and was getting a little agitated. I told her I wanted the product within 10 minutes or a full refund. She stated that they would NOT give me the money back. She then proceeded to tell me that the product was not available yet and when it became available they would send it to me. Now wait a minute, I thought it was illegal to sell something that you don't actually have. Let's look at the facts:

    * They advertised that they have it
    * They SOLD it to me with the belief that I was going to get the product.
    * They now have my money.
    * They do NOT have the product available yet
    * They want to send it to me when it becomes available.
    * They refuse to send me the money back.

    If there are any attorneys out there, how many federal laws have they broken? I thought it was illegal to take money from my card BEFORE shipping the product. I thought it was illegal to present FALSE AND DECEPTIVE advertising to sell a product.

    I purchased the product here in the United States. Why can't I speak to an AMERICAN about the problem? It seems to me, that if the Magellan company has to hire ALL of those people in India to handle their tech support, then quite possibly they have a LOT OF PROBLEMS with their products that require ALL of those people in INDIA to handle the support calls.

    Needless to say, I brought the Magellan Crossover GPS back to Office Depot for a full refund. They gave the money back with no problem. They completely understood and they passed along what happened to me to their buyers. Certainly they don't want to be caught up in a problem with FALSE AND DECEPTIVE advertising.

    It cost me $99 for the mistake of purchasing a Magellan product. It certainly will NOT happen again. I will consider that as a small price to pay for that education. In the future, when I decide to purchase something that might require a tech support call, I will CALL first and see if someone from INDIA answers the phone. If they do, I will state I got a wrong number, I will hang up and NEVER buy from that company.

    My final thing to do is to file a formal complaint with the federal fair trade commission and with the bank for them pulling my money on a product that they don't even have available yet.
  • Thanks philly. Robert will definitely be getting a call from me in the AM. Horrible service!
    Call this person at Magellan Quality Assurance
    Robert Gallegos
    866- 868 -2259
    Leave message in mailbox about your problem , he will return your call. Give as much information include serial number and don't forget to leave a number so ihe call you back.
  • szifra 0 Points
    bbloise, you don't need to lose your $99. if you paid with a credit card. You can simply call the credit card company and contest the charge. Just send a copy of the email you wrote when the card company asks for your dispute/reasons.
  • I sent in my roadmate in Sept 2007 and have been lied to ever since by "John" from India. I do know that they had a software gltich and could no longer match units with owners, so we all had to get replacements. I was told yesterday that there are no more 3140's so was offered the next level up. I did demand a 4250 and they said yes. For all that is worth...we were "cut-off" during the sales order part of the conversation and when I called back 5 min later, there were technical difficulties with that department. If I am told "you will receive the replacement in 3-5 business days" one more time I will scream. No luck getting ahold of any Americans.
  • I had not located this forum before my dealings with Magellan, but surely wish that I had.

    Magellan has had my Roadmate for 10 weeks, now, with no communication as to solution of my problems. Last week I sent a long letter by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the CEO of Magellan Navigation, describing my problems. I enclosed copies of all my documentation receipts, shipping waybill, FedEx tracking report, unanswered email messages, etc, etc, etc. We'll see what happens. That approach has worked with other companies. I was tempted to send a copy of my letter to the vulture capital company that now owns Magellan Navigation, pointing out why Magellan is acquiring a horrible reputation.
  • I read on the newspaper today: people working for call centers in India get depressions, ulcers ... because of irrate customers ! :P
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