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DeLorme Magnetic Declination error

gatorguy 326 Points
From DeLorme:

Note: The Magnetic Declination Update does not currently correct the search issues as of January 1st 2010. Currently the DeLorme development team is looking into possible resolutions. Our newer products released after 2005 do not have this specific issue.
Please do not update the applications using the links below as they will not currently correct the issue...
If you do not install the update on this page, the Find and Route tabs within your DeLorme mapping software may not function correctly.

Street Atlas USA® 2005 (all versions)
Street Atlas USA 2004 (all versions)
Street Atlas USA 2003 (all versions)
Topo USA® 5.0
Topo USA 5.0 RacerMate Edition
Topo USA 4.0
Topo USA 4.0 RacerMate Edition
3-D TopoQuads® 2.0
XMap® 4x
XMap 3x
XMap/GIS (all versions)

It's not completely clear what they're saying, but I think it's that the mapping products referenced above may have issues with the Magnetic Declination adjustments as of Jan. 1st, and not to update the software if you haven't already done so. Perhaps Tim can get clarification. Most of this is very old software, so probably not affecting most users.


  • Tim 1484 Points
    This is an annual update and doesn't impact any products released in the past six years or so.
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