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255w can't turn off screen while charging?

Hi, I just purchased a Nuvi 255w a little over a week ago and so far I'm liking the unit. But my question is I've just plugged in my gps to charge in the USB port and try as I might, I can't get the screen to shutdown. Is this normal?

At first during charging it had the whole bright computer icon and Garmin name on the screen. But having searched around abit, I found that I could change it abit and now when I charge I have it at 'Charging battery. Slide the power key to turn on.' But I still can't turn the screen fully off during charging.

So is it not possible to do this on the 255 because I'm kinda afraid it might wear down the screen if its on all the time during charging.


  • Tim 1500 Points
    Correct, it won't fully turn off the screen while charging in USB mode. It will also take about twice as long to charge via USB as it would in the car or with an AC charger.
  • My 755 screen will go totally black while being charged via USB. Isn't it fully off? Why won't the 255W do the same?
  • Thanks for the replies. It kinda stinks that it won't fully turn off. Just seems pretty stupid to me. Wonder why they just can't give you the option to do that? :?
  • hdixon 0 Points
    For the 255W turn unit on, press/hold battery icon for about 5-7 seconds to go into test mode. Once in test mode plug USB cable in, then slide switch to the left and screen goes dim with "charging" msg.
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