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White screen 255W

Hi ,Problem with my 255W. Just received the EUROPE NT 2010.20 MAP on SD card. When I plugged the card in the screen started to fade then went white and stayed that way. Now totally unresponsive. Can't reset. Any ideas?


  • The reset button on the 255w is on the bottom right edge as the unit faces you, and is underneath the serial number sticker. You'll either have to peel the sticker up for access or poke a hole through it. Hope that helps.
  • Reset as per instructions from Garmin site. Serial # sticker is bottom left with no reset behind. Thanks for response.
  • hmm.. thats what I found, sorry.. dont own one.
  • Not much info on this online and actually no help here either so I'll report what I was told to do. I let the unit run until the battery was dead then it powered up fine. The mistake I made was installing the SD card when the unit was turned on. Wrong thing to do. All works great now.
  • Hmm.. everything I can find says theres a reset button... Also, appearantly you can do a reset by holding the lower right of the screen while powering on.. I just tried that with my 855 and it worked...
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    Hmm... I have a 205 - same series - and never heard about the secret reset button. I felt a depression under the serial number sticker so I peeled it back, and.... there was a tiny recessed torx screw under it to hold the case closed. I feel a similar bump on the other side in the same place, which I'm sure is another screw.

    And now my serial number sticker is dog-eared. :x
  • ^^ LOL!
    Sorry... just found several references to it online... Maybe a 'special' model?

    edit: here's a Google search with multiple mentions..:

    Some say yes, others no... I'm soooo confused
  • SergZak 240 Points
    Early nuvi 2xx models did in fact have a reset button on the bottom of the unit under the serial number sticker. There was a "bullseye" printed on the label exactly where the switch was located. The label did not need to be peeled away to activate the reset switch. The case plastic directly under the label's "bullseye" and just above the switch was molded on only three sides making a flexible plastic tab which contacted the switch when the area was pressed with a hard, blunt object. The label was not cut away as the tab was but flexed enough so the switch could still be activated.

    Later and current unit designs use the power switch to accomplish the same thing (slide power switch to "on" and hold it in that position for ~10 seconds).
  • BobW 81 Points
    The power switch reset is not a master reset, it is for when there is a problem turning the unit off, you can force a turn off that way.

    This if from Garmin:
    To do a master reset on your unit, please take the unit outdoors and
    with the unit turned off press and hold down the bottom right corner of
    the screen, then slide the power button until the screen comes on, and
    then let go of the power button. Keep holding down on the screen until
    the Erase all User Data appears. Hit yes and the unit will be reset.
    Caution, this will erase all user data including waypoints (will not
    affect maps).
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    please take the unit outdoors
    Just in case it explodes? :twisted:
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