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Your opinions on GPS mounts

blackngoldrules 0 Points
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Well, I'm expecting my "new" GPS to arrive tomorrow to replace the one that got stolen. I've decided that I'm not going to mount this one to my windshield like I did with the old one. I don't plan on leaving any trace of a GPS in my vehicle where ever I go and I just think it would be too much of a pain to constantly take the mount off of the window, clean off the circle left on the window so a potential thief doesn't know a GPS was mounted there, and then have to remount it everytime trying to get the exact spot it was mounted before and possibly having to readjust it everytime as well. I was thinking about trying one of those beanbag mounts or maybe something that will fit in one of my cupholders. Can you guys please give me some ideas and your opinions on the different mounts you've used and the pros and cons of each? Thank You!


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I use both a Garmin bean bag for my nuvi and I use a generic bean bag for my Navigon 7200. The latter I picked up for $10 at a Big Lots store. It has the plastic disc to mount the suction cup to it. Used it on a recent 6000 mile trip in November and it worked well. Just as good at the Garmin mount.

    What gps are you getting? (Edit: nevermind, I see you are getting a 2200T so disregard the Garmin info) I have also used some RAM mounts but only on my GoldWing. Have also tried a vent mount (a cheapo version I got thru Costco) and I am not happy with the vibration. I have also used a Garmin stick on mount and located it in the fold out portion of my drink holders in the center console of a Cadillac. Once I dismount the gps I can fold it closed and all is out of sight. You may want to explore that approach if your vehicle has some way to hide the mount easily. I get good reception with the gps and it basically is almost sitting on the hump. Not that easy to look at though but I listen to that one and have the Navigon mounted up on the dash with the sound muted.
  • papa 0 Points
    Beanbag mounts. I have one for each GPS. No telltale signs of rings on windows. When not in use, it lays on my back floorboard covered with a black Walmart bag to blend in with the interior.

    In my car, I mount it on the cupholder tray that slides out under the radio. In my truck, I mount it on the cupholder as well (no tray). Both are out of sight. Occasionally, I'll mount either one directly in front of my tach next to the speedometer, not covering the speedometer at all. It's far enough away from the steering wheel to be safe. And it's not in projectile mode. Like Spyder, I get good reception, too.
  • Are the beanbag mounts attached to anything or do they just sit on the dash? If they aren't attached to anything how can they stay still? I know they're supposed to be heavy but I would think if you'd have to hit the brakes hard it would still go flying?
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Check out the comments in this thread: Portable Friction Mounts
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