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Platinum firmware update?

iweb 0 Points
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I have an old Meridian Platinum that I used to use for geocaching years ago. I used it this year for elk hunting and up in the mtns it would not acquire satellites. I was in some trees so I moved out into a burn area where it was wide open and after 30 minutes of waiting gave up. When I was on the other side of the mtn range down low it took 10 minutes or more but finally got satellites.

Do I need to update my firmware since its so old? I was just on the Magellan site and could not find anything about the Meridian so now what?


  • mcole43 180 Points
    i have a old meridian gold that i use for hunting, hiking, etc. it locks on just fine usually with all satelites. make sure your batts are fresh. mcole
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    It's cool that you're still using it. A Meridian Gold was my first handheld GPS, got it in 2002. 8)
  • jotto 0 Points
    The firmware is at 5.40, I upgraded mine. You can find it online if you search for it, I believe its on Magellan's site with full instructions.

    Follow the directions exactly or you will mess your unit up.

    Take your time, I actually just wired a RS232 directly to my unit because it wanted comm port 1, and I could find no way to change that. If you get the book that shows the pinout, just make sure you have power supplied to the unit, again I just used clip leads to get power because I had the unit disassembled to allow the upgrade.
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