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Triton vs. oregon

HenryJones 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Handheld Forum
Ok folks, First of all I'm brand new so I'd like to apologize up front for any screw ups in etiquette that I will most likely make. I'm posting this message in the Megellan and Garmin forum so I can get input from both sides of the fence. Here's my problem. Last summer I made the mistake of crossing a fast flowing creek with my sport-track in breast pocket. It fell out and away she went. So, now I'm looking to get a new handheld. Here's the problem. I always uploaded any waypoints I planned to visit from my computer to the magellan with mapsend software. So, here are my questions:
The Triton apears to have the ability to upload waypoints via nat. geo program. (Looks like MapSend is long gone). Is something similar going to be available for the Garmin Oregon series so I can choose my points and upload them to the unit?? Despite researching I just don't feel I've found a solid answer to that question.

Do any of the topo programs overlay the street names/natl forest #s on the map? Which way should I go??
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