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GPS-810 map updates; no such luck ...

mrsteve7 0 Points
The official word regarding GPS-810 map updates (no surprise, however):

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the map updates for this unit would not be
available since this unit has been discontinued . Sorry for the inconvenience.

HCG Customer Support

Any word on the map updates for the GPS-810?


---- HCG Customer Support <> wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> At this point, we've been told there will be a single map update for the GPS
by the end of 2009. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm when they will be ready or
how much they will sell for. Please check in with us from time to time for
updated firmware and information for your GPS.
> When the map update is made available, it will be distributed and run off of a
pre-loaded SD card. There is no way to overwrite the internal map data.
> I hope this helps.
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