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iWay500c upgrade, maps? [Lowrance]

iway500c 0 Points
Recently I was given a used iWay 500c. It has Vs. 1.4.0 and build:AC16417F, the map was current as of Sept. 2004. I was considering upgrading to Vs. 1.8. etc. But have just read a few posts stating that Lowrance has gone under. Now I'm not sure if it is worth it for me to take a chance of messing the upgrade/GPS up and not having any support. Can anyone let me know if 1.8 is much better than 1.4, and is it even possible for me get a map update? Maybe I'd be better off just using it as is, and spending $100-200 on a new smaller G.P.S.? Also, I am using Windows 7... Thanks :roll:


  • Tim 1484 Points
    Lowrance hasn't gone under, but they are no longer building auto/PND devices like the iWay. I don't know the answers to your other questions, but generally it would probably be a better investment to consider a different device that has an upgradable path. You wouldn't likely pay much more than the typical map update price.
  • Thanks for your response Tim, I do appreciate you taking the time to offer your time and advice, take care...
  • burrall 180 Points
    I think it depends on what functionality you want. If you just want run of the mill turn-by-turn, I would agree. I use the unit often when 4-wheeling a long way from the beaten path. The ability to see the many forest service roads and the contours is invaluable to have while in the vehicle. also, the large screen makes it much easier to follow while driving.
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