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How do I get 7100 freshmap updates?

vnvjeep 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Hi All,

I'm frustrated with Navigon's USA website... and the freshmaps application. They all keep sending me around in circles! How the heck do I get some current map updates for my 7100!?

After searching the forums, I found that Navigon pulled out of the US. What the heck! What are our options!? Is this device now dead, and non-updatable from this point forward?

I'm a bit peeved right now... I spent alot of $$$ on this device.

If anyone has any info on how to get maps, or any workarounds, I would appreciate your input! Thanks!



  • Buksa 0 Points
    Just activate fresh maps in mynavigon on us site
  • How am I supposed to activate without an activation key? That's the whole thing? Where do I buy it from? Theres no or anything. I can't seem to find it anywhere... Supposedly you can buy it through the freshmaps application that you install on your PC, and when you click the "BUY" button, it just sends you around in circles??

    Thank you!
  • Tim 1482 Points
    How am I supposed to activate without an activation key?
    I thought you were suggesting you had already purchased the subscription. When you purchase the subscription it will contain an activation key. Finding those subscriptions to purchase can be challenging these days and there are a few scams going around too (mostly on eBay). But frankly... I wouldn't purchase it since you haven't already. There is no guarantee of any minimum number of updates made available-- only that you get "up to" a certain amount of updates... but there is no minimum service level guarantee. They've already become extremely late (compared to previous update frequency). With no minimum service level guarantee and considering they've pulled out of North America I wouldn't purchase any map updates from them.
  • Thanks, Tim, for your honesty and opinion. I found the Navigon to be way ahead of the curve when I got it a couple of years ago... in both graphics and features. Its sad that it's pretty much a dead product now. Alot of devices seem to have caught up with the times, and do alot of the same functions. It sounds to me like I'll be shopping for a new device that won't be pulling out of the US.

    Thanks again.
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