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Garmin Announces BirdsEye Satellite Imagery



  • Does the 32gb card work properly in your unit? On another forum, somebody claimed to try several of them and they didn't work.

    I would like to get a 32gb card but have held off for some more reports. No problems with my 16gb card though.
    can you expand on what issue they where having? Got my card and unit today, so far they work fine. I just started downloading birdseye images so unsure if they work on the card or not.

    but so far i have 3.8 gigs on it of topo maps, and it runs fine. I did see a post on a forum about anything over 4 gigs is not working but i wrote that off since you had mentioned you use your 16g. Have you loaded more then 4 gigs yet? id assume you did. In the next few days ill be over 4 gigs, and then in a few weeks ill be over 16 gigs im sure.

    But the unit does read the card no issue and so far has worked with main topo maps for CA, NV, and the garmin 2008 map. ill know about birdseye soon day or 2.

    I joined birdseye.. and so far not impressed.. only letting me down load 150mg worth at a time... going to take quite some time / effort.
    Also so for the 2 places i did i could not zoom in more then 500ft and at that its ok to see a dirt road but single track trails.. not so much (that was baja mex i tried. I could see them on google earth)

    i remember you saying 20k images at the highest setting im getting 10k tonight.
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    Sorry, I don't remember the details of the other thread. It was from the groundspeak forums so you could have a look for yourself.

    My 16GB card is full and only contains BirdsEye. My 400t has 4GB internal memory of which something like 2.8GB is used for the US Topo. I have a changing number of other maps in internal memory.

    All I know is that the BirdsEye Imagery is excellent in my area and I'm grateful for that. :) Are you sure you downloaded the "highest" and NOT "high" quality imagery? I don't know anything about download limits or speeds these days. Since I've filled my 16GB card I haven't tried to download any more... the card covers the whole area when I usually wander (most of NJ). :)
  • update:

    well so far so good, over 4 gigs and it works fine.

    I missed up and downloaded 1 baja image that was high and not highest and yes that was the one i was talking about :oops: . Im now quite pleased with it over all. The download limits is set up at 10,100 image's which is ruffly 154mg of data, oo and it still takes forever to download mines been plugged in non-stop since ive had it (ok 2 hour break to test on a drive) and i have only 38 birdseye files done (almost all of them are 150-154 mg files largest i can get).
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    Here's something you might want to try. Copy the GarminDevice.xml file from your Oregon to the memory card, if it isn't already there. Now you can put the card in a USB reader and copy files to it without actually connecting your Oregon (Basecamp will think the card IS the Oregon). You could also do the same thing using a USB flash drive, and copy the files to the actual card later.
  • gatorguy 325 Points
    update: . . . I missed up and downloaded 1 baja image that was high and not highest and yes that was the one i was talking about :oops: . Im now quite pleased with it over all.
    Don't be embarrassed. You're not the first one to make that mistake. Right Boyd? :lol:

    Gotta rib you when I can. I don't get a chance to very often. 8)
  • update, well my card isent working now that it has 21+ gigs on it. Maybe the limit the unit can accuses is only 16gigs?

    Im going to check the files etc.. see if anything is out of place looks or corrupt. If all looks well ill delete some stuff tell i have just under 16 gigs and see if it works again. Then of course try just slightly over 16gigs next and see if it get's a error.

    It turns on and then gets to the loading photo screen... stays there for about 2 min then auto shuts down. I took out the SD card and it booted up fine. My 32gig worked fine in the unit with around 11 gigs.

    If the magic number is 16gigs , ill see if i can store more birdseye files in a non garmin folder so you can atleast have them with you but, would need a computer to move folders around to use.
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    I believe this is a bug, and it has been discussed on a couple other websites. I don't think it's related to how many gigabytes you have, but it occurs when you have more than 200 BirdsEye files.
  • ya my bet is your right im at 16.8 gigs with 182 birds eye and it works fine.
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    I assume you're using a 32GB memory card? What model GPS? I have read conflicting reports as to whether 32GB cards work properly on the Oregon.

  • i ordered a SanDisk 32GB microSDHC Memory Card
    and so others know the unit would be a Oregon 450
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    Garmin is now offering USGS 24k topo maps via Birdseye. Separate subscription from the aerial imagery however.
    BirdsEye™ TOPO, U.S. and Canada

    $ 29.99 USD


    * Provides highly detailed 1:24,000* scale raster USGS maps and 1:50,000 scale raster NRC maps.
    * Features an unlimited amount of downloadable raster maps for 1 year using BaseCamp software.
    * Allows users to layer Garmin vector maps (such as TOPO 100K, TOPO 24K or City Navigator®) on their handheld for a real-life view of roads, buildings and terrain.

  • Boyd 1955 Points
    This is strange... that link doesn't work today. Maybe this is part of the new products they are announcing next week and it was put online too soon?

    Over at GPSTracklog, Rich purchased a subscription but it didn't work and Garmin support is closed for the holidays. Guess we'll have to wait a few days to see what's up with this...
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    Update: several users at GPSTracklog say they are still unable to download the USGS 24k maps, and one of them reports that the service will not be available until Friday due to server issues.
  • Hopefully better than the Google imagery which is very poor in a lot of areas :?
  • I've downloaded my first Birdseye Satelite Image to BaseCamp and it has a parameter titled Draw Order. I set it at 100 and at 0 but can't tell what it is doing different. It defaulted to 30 which is where I'll leave it but can someone tell what it is for?
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    I haven't played with it myself, but it's a way to control what shows on top of the birdseye image when you also have a regular map enabled. Note that Basecamp has a pretty comprehensive "help" function (although it could be improved). This is covered under Help > Working with Birdseye > Changing Draw Order
  • Darn it, I hate asking questions I can find myself! I tried the help function in Base Camp but went right to the search function, asked for "Draw order" and got "no topics found". I'll go through the Contents and Index first, the next time. Thanks for the reply!
    I haven't played with it myself, but it's a way to control what shows on top of the birdseye image when you also have a regular map enabled. Note that Basecamp has a pretty comprehensive "help" function (although it could be improved). This is covered under Help > Working with Birdseye > Changing Draw Order
  • Hi all,

    Does BirsEye imagery works in Nuvi units ?
    1410 to be more specific ?

  • Boyd 1955 Points
    No, it does not work on any of the Nuvi series, only the newer outdoor/handheld devices. To see a complete list, click on the Compatible Devices tab here:
  • Boyd 1955 Points
    Do you plan to continue using the Birdseye imagery you downloaded after you subscription has expired? If so, here's an important tip. Send all of your downloaded imagery to a memory card and also copy all the files from that card to a folder on your computer as a backup. The card should continue to work in your GPS after the subscription expires, and you should be able to copy the backup files to a different card if needed.

    Your birdseye files should also continue working fine in Basecamp since no subscription is needed for that. However, it appears that you will no longer be able to send those files to your GPS using Basecamp if the subscription as expired. This issue recently came up in a discussion at GPSTrackLog where Rich is looking into and planning to do an article at a future date.

    But the important thing is that you need to backup all the .jnx files from the Birdseye folder on your GPS or card. These files should continue to work on the original GPS even if you can no longer send them from Basecamp.
  • I have registered my device GPS Map62sc, however,i haven't found where to pay for BirdsEye Satellite Imagery on Garmin website:
  • babj615 41 Points
    I am not sure if BirdsEye is available in China.

    Try this link:
  • Thank you for your reply.
    I have been told that the BirdsEye Satellite Imagery is available in china and I can purchase it on the United States website:
    But after I register my device,where to pay for it?
  • babj615 41 Points
    From the link you just posted, "add to cart", purchase BirdsEye, and you will be allowed to connect/activate one GPSr for that subscription after the fact.
  • When I select "add to cart",I was advised to connect my GPS and register it. I have done all the above,but what to do after register?
  • babj615 41 Points
    If the GPSr is registered, now you can download BirdsEye maps in BaseCamp and transfer them to your device!
  • I have not purchased it successyully. In the fact,I only register my device,however i have not paid for it.
  • sussamb 780 Points
    In Basecamp go to Utilities, Download BirsEye Imagery ... you can then pay for it
  • Thank you for your help. I can purchase BirdsEye Satellite Imagery by using other's Garmin Account. There are something wrong with my Garmin Account.
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