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Navigon App and AroundMe

pappasbike 91 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
AroundMe is an app I've used for quite a while now and really find useful. It uses your current location as best as can be determined and pulls up a list of categories - Movie theaters, coffee shops, gas stations, etc. It also allows you to do a search for a specific business. It's a bit like a POI search in a navigation app. The app launches quickly and pulls up results quickly as well.

The new, recently released version of AroundMe is integrated with the Navigon gps app. Once you click on a category and then on a specific location you're given a choice to get a route to the location either in the maps app or in Navigon which would then launch with the info and ability to get the navigation plotted for you. This is actually a faster way of getting directions than looking something up in Google and then adding it to contacts to get Navigon to plot it. It also saves a step from launching Navigon, doing a POI search and then maybe having to redo the search through the Google integration.

The other unique feature of this new AroundMe version is that on the iphone 3GS once the list of of locations under a category appear if you rotate the phone to the left it triggers the camera on the phone with the augmented reality view on screen. The nearby locations will show on the camera screen with a compass allowing you to orient yourself to the direction of each location which you can just follow to the desired business. I'd be careful trying to do this while driving but while walking it could be very useful. All in all a very neat feature.

I highly recommend the app as well as the Navigon one which has just about replaced my pnd.


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