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how do i find mapset info for 2100max

02gmcsierra 0 Points
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well i went and did it - bought a 2nd gps - found a refurb 2100max for a price i couldn't refuse. so far everything seems to work except the cradle, can't snap the unit into it, the holes line up but doesn't seem to be enough reach to attach. have a couple questions though (you guys that know me from the garmin forum - 1st gps is a nuvi850 - know i always have questions) so here they are:
1) how do i find the mapset info? found the screen under settings - current map but all it shows is the software is 6.5.2 build 38. nothing about Q? 20??.
2)i'd like to access the online manual but tried and failed i guess. registered w/email and password and it sent me to the "welcome and thank-you..." screen but once i clicked on a subject it goes back to the log-in screen and tells me i'm not logged in?

i like the look of the unit - always did even before i bought the nuvi - and the touchscreen is easier to use than i've read in the reviews but it doesn't let me know if it's thinking or if i didn't hit the button quite right. the nuvi has the hour glass.


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    On a 7200 the path for map info is: Options > Settings > Map Display - page 2.

    Try this link for the manual 2100max manual
  • thank-you very much spyder for answering. somehow i knew it would be you that would answer.
    no luck with mapset info though, i don't have a second page.
    the link for the manual worked great - looks like i have alot of reading to
    do. much the same as with the nuvi when i first got it.
    thank-you again
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    According to the manual, map info should be in there under Options -> Product Information. You may have to slide down the page. On the 7200 there is actually a blank area that you need to scroll past to see some info. Maybe it is the same on the 2100.

    (The Options button shows up on different screens and you may have to drill down)

    There is another way if you delve into the folder/file structure of the Navigon folder which you get to once you tether the gps to your PC. Right now I can't remember while file holds that map info.
  • go to Options->Map Display->Second Page.

  • still no luck on 2nd page, but i may have overlooked something. on the product info page, where i see version 6.5.2 - build 38 03/06/2008.
    would the date and year at the end be the mapset Q/yr?
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