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Should I Buy a Navigon 8100?

chicagodesi 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum

I currently have a Magellan 1470 which is buggy, and when the Navigon 8100 came out last year, I fell in love with it, but the price was sky-high. If i were to buy a used/refurbished Navigon 8100, would I still be able to get the latest maps, and are there latest maps available for it? Also, can I get feedback from current 8100 users on the performance of their 8100? Thanks!

p.s. I'm in Chicago, so replies from US users would be more revelent! (although I am jealous of the Europeans and the latest navigon offerings they're still getting)


  • papa 0 Points
    I had two 8100T's and found them to be rather heavy and bulky. I got a 7200T and have used it extensively until I saw the Cydle T43H.

    Check this thread for the T43H. There's currently a lot of activity there.
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