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Help with Nav 2100 please - Now invalid device definition

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I bought it in the USA and brought it back to the UK with only the USB cable and mount (no room for box etc)
For some reason when I tried it in my PC at home it was fully reformated, so there was nothing at all in the drive when viewed on Windows
My question is, is there a file/folder I can download from somewhere to recreate the original settings? I have emailed navigon and they said they could send me a new sd card but only with proof of purchase, which I don't have, I could tell them when I bought it and what store but doubt that would help.
Anyway I downloaded the Fresh software and tried all that, and it did recognize the device when I put some random navigon folders into it but it won't get as far as updating the software.
Hopefully that is enough info and someone out there can help


  • Well I got an email back and the file they actually directed me to seemed to put some US maps back on and actually got the thing working again, so I thought I would try the Nav fresh software but it didn't seem to like it still, I got the error

    Invalid device definition

    Had a google of that and it seems to be a problem with SD cards matching version numbers or something? Anyway is there an answer to how to get around this error, I can't back up as the error appears there aswell as when trying to update

    Perhaps I could just try get a .map file and putting it directly on the card? Although another 1.45gb won't fit on a 2gb card, maybe delete the US one and put the UK one on?

    Any ideas at all?
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