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Should I wait for the Motorola TN700?

chicagodesi 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav

Should I wait for the Motorola TN700 to come out? Does anyone have any more information about advanced features and when it will be released? Righ tnow I have a Roadmate 1470 which has bene pretty buggy and I am looking to replace it. Any suggestions?


  • I have read it, it does look quite promising..any word on when it will be released?
  • Tim 1482 Points
    Motorola Motonav (new models) now available at Amazon.
  • Those Motonav's look very interesting. Do you know how much they charge for the MotoExtra's after the 3 month trial?
  • The display looks stunning, i hope the cost of the connected services is similiar to garmin nuvi 1690 which I believe is $5 per month. Can anyone verify how much it would be for the Motonav?? I'm looking to replace my Magellan 1470. Thanks!!!
  • I just got more info by going to the Motorola website , here is the cost:

    Please choose an update type:

    1 year subscription USD49.99
    The '1 year subscription' entitles you to use the feature during the next 12 months on the same navigation device.
    3 years subscription USD99.99
    The '3 years subscription' entitles you to use the feature during the next 36 months on the same navigation device.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    MotoExtras Services are $50/yr or $100 for three years.

    EDIT: Looks like I was a bit slow on the trigger. In any case, I've been using the Motonav 765 for the past few days and will be posting a short user review within just a couple of days (with Tim's gracious assist). But I don't mind saying I'm quite impressed so far. No issues to speak of.
  • gatorguy, I would love to get a review about this GPS..Even though I really liked my roadmate 1470, the software's been too buggy for it to be reliable. I've ended up using my Intellinav with maps from 2004 because I couldn't rely upon my 1470 to not crash. Thanks and can't wait to get your review.
  • gatorguy, how would you compare this Motorola to the Navigon 7200T? Because I just returned my Cydle T43H and received a 7200T from Amazon today.

    The Cydle just didn't live up to the 7200T. If you say the Motorola is just as good or better than the 7200T, I might jump on it. Thanks!
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    You realize that this is gator's big news from the Cydle thread? Looks like an interesting unit, but at a price point above a T43H.

    At Amazon Motorola Motonav TN765T 5.1-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Traffic by Motorola
    Buy new: $329.99 + MotoExtras as noted previously. There are two lower models.

    It will be good to see Gator's hands-on review.
  • Yeah I figured this was his news. It really looks promising. I would get the smaller unit with the free traffic for $279 if I were to get one.

    I just got my new 7200T today too and was excited about it until I saw this. Haha! I paid $181 for the 7200T so the Motorola would be about $100 more.

    If this unit is just as good or better than the 7200T, I might get it. What do you think Spyder?
  • If you look at the screenshots of the Motorola TN765T on amazon's web page, it looks positively georgous. My big question is how is the rendering when navigating and you have the 3d buildings enabled..i hope the display doesnt stutter.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    Final touches now. Hopefully get an article up tomorrow or Weds. at the latest.
  • gatorguy, I am definitely going to wait for your article on the new Motorola. But in the meantime, can you tell me if this is the closest unit to a Navigon 7200T that you've seen up to this point?

    I am maybe what you can call obsessed with the 7200T, lol. Does this fit the bill? If so, I may pick one up from Amazon and do a side-by-side comparison to make my ultimate decision. Thanks!
  • Well, just as an update, I got an impulse juice in me and I just pulled the trigger on a TN565t. I figured it is absolutely no risk to try it out since my 7200T is still well within Amazon's 30 day return window and I got this from Amazon as well.

    I went with the 565 because I just couldn't justify the size and extra price for the 765. I just think it's too big for my needs and getting into the $300's is out of my GPS spending range.

    I have 3 major questions though that I'm sure gatorguy can or already has addressed in his article. They are:

    1. Which traffic provider does this unit use? It seems like it is not Clear Channel which would be a little disappointing.

    2. How many installed POI does it have? I know the Google search will make it virtually limitless, but I would like a pretty robust installed database as well.

    3. How come on the screenshots that I've seen, there is no icon for time of arrival, your current speed, etc.? I sure hope all of that isn't on a slide out screen that is going to take up half of the map screen while driving. That would be a deal breaker for me.

    gatorguy, can you answer any of those? If all of the answers are favorable, I think I may have finally found a worthy successor to my 7200T.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    The article is basicly finished. It nows needs formatting and a few pics dropped in. It'll be up before you know it.

    I don't know the number of included POI's, but I'll find out. The other questions (and hopefully most others) should be answered in the review.

    Strictly my opinion of course, but the 765 is worth the small premium for that cinematic screen. They've made very good use of the extra width without compromising the map view.
  • Wizeguy, After seeing the pics for the 765T, i think it's worth the extra $100 in the long run. I'm sure the price will also drop soon on Amazon. Gator, I am eagerly awaiting your review!! :)
  • Well, you guys pushed me over the edge.....which wasn't very hard. I pulled the trigger on a TN765t now too! Haha! It was too late to cancel my TN565t order, so I will be getting both tomorrow. I can't deny the shipment either because it's coming to my work. So I will just not open the TN565T and return that one.

    So basically I will have a Navigon 7200T, Motonav TN565t and Motonav TN765t in my posession tomorrow all from Amazon, lol. If the Motonav fits the bill for me, then I will be returning my Navigon and the other Montonav.

    With that being said, it will take a lot for the Motonav to finally retire my 7200T. I'm not expecting that it won't, but I'm still skeptical.

    When I do my head-to-head, I am basically not going to consider the MotoExtras that much into my decision. Because for me, those would pretty much just be "extras" as they are called.

    I really want to test the meat and potatoes of both units head-to-head. Things that I will always be using like navigation obviously, routing, lane guidance and junction view and traffic.

    If those things hold up to the Navigon, then the MotoExtras are just the icing on the cake and I will be one happy camper.

    Just as some background, I tried the Cydle T43H which people said was close to the 7200T. In my opinion, while it was closer than anything Garmin or TomTom have put out, it wasn't close to the 7200T in my opinion.

    Needless to say, I am VERY excited to see gator's review and to receive my unit tomorrow. If this is as promising as it looks, I will be super excited!
  • Wizeguy, After seeing the pics for the 765T, i think it's worth the extra $100 in the long run. I'm sure the price will also drop soon on Amazon. Gator, I am eagerly awaiting your review!! :)
    Oh and by the way, the 765t is only $50 more! That made it even easier for me to take your advice. :D
  • Home Shopping Network ( has the 765 for 329.00 with 15 months of motoextras included
  • That's a great tip but California sales tax pretty much kills that deal for me. I will still save some money but I don't want to go through the hassle of returning to Amazon and pay the $5-7 shipping cost to return it.

    That's a great deal for some though!
  • Also, J&R is going to be selling it for $299 with free shipping. It's on "Pre-order" status right now so I called J&R. The service rep said it will be available for sale on 3/12.

    If I decide that the 765t is right for me, I am going to have Amazon price match at that time.

    Here is the link:
  • caryrae 92 Points
    To use some or all of the motoextras does it have to connected by bluetooth to your cell phone to work?
  • That is correct. I believe the Google Local search, fuel prices, weather and stuff like that need a bluetooth connection with your phone. It uses airtime rather than your data plan.

    I'm sure Tim or gatorguy have more detailed information, I'm just going off what I have read and heard.
  • caryrae 92 Points
    Was watching a video from HSN on youtube and it looks pretty interesting . Wonder if they will come out with one for people who may not have a bluetooth phone so they can use the motoextras too?
  • Yes, I saw that HSN video, it looks like a very promising device. I actually will have a TN765t in my hands within about 3 hours. I will definitely post my impressions. I am actually going to start a thread about the new Motorola's so we can all discuss there as well.

    As far as bluetooth, I doubt they will be able to offer anything else. Bluetooth is standard on almost every phone made within the last couple years. Do you have a phone without bluetooth?
  • caryrae 92 Points
    I have a iPhone 3GS but I know a few people who still have phones without bluetooth but I do hear ya that bluetooth is on most phones these days. Can't wait to hear reviews as people here start using it. Not sure if it is something I would get or not because I have a Nuvi 1690 with lifetime map updates that I like a lot. Just have to see how the Motonav does as time goes by.
  • So if you wanted to use google search and what not, you would have to have your phone synched with it?? how come they didn't do it like the 1690 that has a sim card?? For example, if my wife or someone else wanted to borrow my GPS, they would have to synch with bluetooth in order to use services such as google search and weather, etc??
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    That's correct. The MotonavExtras make use of your bluetooth-enabled phone, but not your data plan if that makes sense. Using a unique technology from Airbiquity, it's operates similar to a modem, using voice services rather than data. Ford Sync also uses Airbiquity. Traffic is over the traditional RDS-TMC connection.
  • I guess that's ok..i would have felt better with a dedicated SIM inside the GPS, but i'm still waiting to get your full review before I pull the trigger.
  • Is there any way to track how many minutes this stuff eats up? I mean if I'm looking for a POI through Google, do the minutes used coincide with how long I'm searching for it?

    I only bring this up because I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum. I have an unlimited data plan on my cell phone but only 700 shared minutes between my girlfriend and I on my voice plan.

    If this thing eats up minutes like crazy I will have to either increase my voice plan or return the unit.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    It's only using your cell minutes when you're making a request with MotoExtras. I don't think most would use a lot of minutes on weather updates, Google, Bing, etc, especially once the new wears off. :)

    I'm not sure I'd continue subscription fees after the intro period anyway. I keep going back and forth even on my TomTom740. If TomTom's traffic didn't require payment (it's free on the Motonav 765), I doubt very many owners would pay for the other services.
  • Ah, good info gatorguy. But wouldn't you want Google to have limitless POI? Or does this unit have enough built in unlike the Navigon 7200T?

    Also, when is your review going up? :wink:
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Can Google be part of your Friends and Family Plan?? :lol: :lol:
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    Actually, that might not be a bad idea. :idea:
    When the motonav calls out for services. there's only two numbers used. One for Bing and one for all the others.

    And yes, I do like Google Search. $99 for three years of Extras is reasonable IMHO. But it wouldn't be a deal-breaker not to have it. In my case, I think I've used Google Local on my nav maybe 10 times or less since June of last year. If you frequently look for poi's, then Google will be your friend no matter how many are pre-loaded to your pnd. I'd expect them to be more up-to-date than the on-device data.
  • caryrae 92 Points
    Also, J&R is going to be selling it for $299 with free shipping. It's on "Pre-order" status right now so I called J&R. The service rep said it will be available for sale on 3/12.

    If I decide that the 765t is right for me, I am going to have Amazon price match at that time.

    Here is the link:
    I just looked and it now says in-stock and usaually ships in 1-2 business days.
  • carryrae, read my most recent post in the owner's thread. This unit seems unbelievable so far. I haven't driven with it yet however, so take my initial impressions with a grain of salt for now.

    But at $299 it's a no brainer right now. Especially with J&R's 30 day return policy. At the very least it's worth a test drive.
  • WizeGuyDezignz - Only the TN765T comes with Lane assist and TTS per Motorola's comparison chart, so I would have to weigh the value of the rest of the unit without the main features for the phone because I will not have bluetooth. I probably will stay with the 7200T until Cydle fixes their TTS.
    Good luck with your search to replace the navigon. I am definitely following your steps on all these forums !!
  • luckybirman, from what I researched I didn't see that. From what I saw, the TN565t has TTS and Lane Guidance. Where did you get your info?
  • WizeGuyDezignz wrote "luckybirman, from what I researched I didn't see that. From what I saw, the TN565t has TTS and Lane Guidance. Where did you get your info?"
    I did a compare of the 555, 565 and 765. Only the 765 has TTS. The other two have "Voice commands" which we know as, "turn right" (only). Under Motonav features of compare, "Spoken Street Names" and "Lane Guidance is checked only for the TN765T. I was hoping for a non-bluetooth model at a scaled down price. Did you see the Motonav discussion on Amazon near the bottom of the Motonav TN765T item page? drussell asked about 35 questions about the 765 features and someone answered almost all of them. It's worth looking at.
  • luckybirman, if you look at this fact sheet from Motorola's website, it doesn't seem to fit what you are saying.

    The only difference that I see is that the 500 series doesn't do 3D Landmarks (which can be purchased separately I believe) and voice destination entry.

    But it does show that the 500 series does Junction View, Lane Guidance and TTS.
  • WizeGuyDezignz - Please view "link" below and wonder why Motorola shows HERE that Lane Guidance and TTS ("Spoken Street Names") are NOT included on the lesser 5xx models of the Motonav. Scroll down to Motonav Features. Does anyone know for sure ? I may be the only one who wouldn't want the top of the line????
  • lucky, that's interesting. Motorola has something crossed up.

    What I also find odd is that on Motorola's site and most others, it doesn't mention Junction View at all. But as you can see in my photo, it exists.

    If you check that fact sheet that I linked to, it does list Junction View on there however. So maybe that fact sheet is more accurate?

    I just can't imagine that the 500 series wouldn't have TTS. It's one of the most basic features on a GPS nowadays.

    I might write an email to Motorola tonight with all of my questions and concerns. I will ask them about that.
  • WizeGuyDezignz - I would also tend to believe the fact sheet over the comparison chart. The compare chart also said traffic was an option on the lowest of the 3 models. Depending on what that models offers, I could see getting it and adding the traffic rather than getting the TN765T and not using many of the high level features.
    Until Cydle corrects their TTS, I am a free agent with my 7200T and will wait for Motorola's reply to your questions. Please ask for the main differences between those three models. Thanks !
  • lucky, sounds like a plan. However, check the Amazon page for the TN565t.

    If you scroll down the description, it shows icons and stuff for the features that it has. If you look under the section that says "MOTONAV FEATURES", it lists "Spoken Street Names".

    So again, I'm more than sure the TN565t has TTS. But I will definitely ask.

    If you look at the TN555, it also says "Spoken Street Names". I think all of their models do, and it would make sense at the price range that they are in.
  • Just as an update to OP, YES you SHOULD get the TN765t. I've had it about a week now and it's great. Is it perfect? No. No GPS that I have used is.

    But it's as close to perfect as can be for my needs.
  • WizeGuy, I am just waiting for my Roadmate 1470 to get returned, then I'm going to try to sell it, then order the TN76T asap. It seems like you've done a pretty much thorough review of it and so far i am impressed too. can't wait!
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