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Navigon 5100. which memory card will work

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can someone please tell me if a navigon 5100 can take a 4gb sdhc memory card. many people say it can only take a 4gb non sdhc memory card but theses are hard to find. I have updated my recent maps of Q3 2009 with my original memory card. I could tell that in the neard future I will need more space on my memory card for future updates. sooner or later I am going to need a 4gb. which one. a 4gb sdhc or a 4gb non sdhc.


  • I asked the same question a few months ago and was told that the answer was yes, with the caveat that some specific brands (particularly cheaper brands) might cause problems.

    I bought a Kingston 4GB HCSD card in Germany for around 12 EUR and it works fine with my 5100. So I'd recommend sticking with well-known brands - you should be fine.
  • thank you for responding
  • I'd recommend sticking with well-known brands - you should be fine.
    That's been my experience also!
  • i'm curious how to change cards? i just purchased a freshmaps activation card for my 2100max. haven't tried to load it yet. can i just put a blank 2gb or 4gb sd card in a card reader and load everything to the new card and retain the original for a backup? i'm a little concerned about loading the new info to the original card and losing everything if something goes wrong during the dowload. (i've read some of the posts about things that went wrong and with limited support from navigon ?)
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