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Is the 765T better than the 785T??

I think I am finally starting to narrow down my choices to possibly these two models with the 1350T thrown in.

The 785T is cheaper than the 765T on Amazon for some reason. I noticed that the 765T has free FM lifetime traffic and the 785T has MSN Direct Traffic.

My question is, does the 785T also include free FM lifetime traffic on top of the MSN Direct Traffic? If that's the case, isn't the 785T the better deal?

Or, is the 1350T better than those two? I think I can get that for $170 or so right now. What do you all think?


  • alanb 539 Points
    You have identified the only difference between the 765T and 785T, that being the Navteq vs MSN Direct traffic receiver and subscription. The 785T model is discontinued since Microsoft has announced that MSN Direct will be discontinued in Jan 2012, so that may be the reason for the price difference. In my view, the 765T is a better choice than the 785T for that specific reason. You can add a new receiver and subscription to the 785T to get Navteq or Clear Channel traffic, but that would make the cost much higher than the 765T.

    The 7x5 series has many features that the 1350T doesn't have. These include the ability to import and save routes, MP3 player, powered cradle, line out/headphone jack, FM transmitter. Junction view, 3D buildings, Garmin Locate. On the other hand, the 13xx is a newer series with an updated user interface including the CityTransit features for pedestrian and public transit, so that may appeal to you.
  • Ric01 0 Points
    WizeGuyDezignz, to add to alanb's comments, I was one of those who narrowed down to getting either a 1370/1390/1350 or 775T

    I was first attracted to the 1xxx series because, as alanb mentioned, they are newer, better interface and I like the CIty explorermaps with transit bus info but how often do I take holidays walking around cities... may be a couple of times in the next few years

    What makes me settled on 775T in the end was the easy mount and dismount via the powered one snap - this is huge for me because I can mount and dismount in seconds when I get in and out of my vehicle. Passive mount requires you to connect the power, connect the FM traffic, ensure the unit snap in properly each time you wishes to mount. If I can save 1 minute a day, I figured I can save at least 6 hours a year! if I use my GPS at least once a day every day. 765T/775T has pedestrian mode, though I found not as elegant as that of the 1xxx series

    Hope this helps
  • Great, thanks for the replies guys! How about the 755T? Is not having Bluetooth the only difference between this and the 765T? If so, I don't need Bluetooth and it looks to be at least $30 less than the 765T. Is there any other differences? Thanks!
  • SergZak 340 Points
    Bluetooth is the only difference between the 765 and 755. The units are otherwise identical.
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