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Can I unlock the ViaMichelin???

fastfed 0 Points
I have this GPS the ViaMichelin X-930
ITS HORRIBLE!!! But I see it used Windows CE and has an SD card I can take out and put it..

I saw that many people can unlock GPS's and put any software they want on it.

For example check this out!

I was wondering how I go about doing this, if possible? THANKS!


  • Boyd 2002 Points
    I'm not familiar with the Insignia unlock package in that video, but am familiar with various ways to run other software on Windows CE based units. Basically, these "unlocks" exploit a hidden Win CE feature where the unit will boot into a special program if it is present on an SD card. The name of this special file varies between manufacturers and I'm not familiar with Insignia.

    On the HP iPaq, for example, the secret filename is CELauncher.exe. Some Magellan units use a file named ToCopy.exe and others use a file named iBoot.exe. These files can be any Windows CE executable program.

    One of the most popular unlock packages is called MioPocket and it has been ported to many different models - check to see if yours is supported:

    However, here's the problem. The "unlocks" just give you access to Windows CE and typically add a bunch of freeware applications. If you want to run iGo, as that video shows, you will need to purchase it. And you'll probably find that's just as expensive as buying another whole GPS. Aside from that, you would be doing something which neither Insignia nor iGo will support (since this is basically a hack), so you're on your own if you have problems.

    If you enjoy tinkering with things and can afford to purchase the software, it might be a fun project. But you will also be running the risk of "bricking" your unit so that it becomes completely unusable. Only you can decide if these risks are worth it.
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