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Lane Assistant VS Junction Image

Tim 1500 Points
edited July 2014 in GPS Discussions
Illustrating the differences between Lane Assistant and Junction Image.


  • compac 0 Points
    Great, new to the forum, and our GPS

    A nuvi 855, learning a lot here... Thanks
  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    Now that we finally have junction views in Canada I find them to be a waste of precious space.
    It really does not bring anything to the driving experience like Lane assist does.
    I hope Garmin drops that and focus on other more important things.
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  • I love lane assist being on top left hand corner of the Garmin. With my wifes 255W Nuvi it just shows one straight, left turn, or right turn arrow. With my 2555 it shows multiple lanes when necessary (straight or even turns). While I do not particularly need Junction view I like it as it can help those like my wife who need to see signage in unfamiliar places.
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