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navigon 2100

oblivion69 0 Points
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I bought a nav. 2100 and i tried to insert a sandisk memory card with map updates from nav. 5100 but it said error application and "the memory card has been removed. the program will terminate autimatically".
I inserted the original memory card back in but it says the same thing. Now it doest work. the message box is still dispalyed. i tried to back up the nav. 2100 maps and formatted the original memory card and downloaded it again and it still says the same thing. now what.

It was working fine until i started putting other memory cards in it and now i dont know what to do.


  • put the 2100 card back in and then push the reset
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    OK, let's see what we can do. Hopefully a master/hard reset will get you back on track. Try this method posted for the 2100:

    Hard Reset Procedure - if the PNA is on, press the Power button until the unit goes off. Press again and hold the button down - the screen will come on and after a few seconds go off again. Press the Power button again and the screen will come back. If you get the opening "music", you know the Hard reset was successful.

    If you leave the memory card out and keep the unit powered on, you will after a few 10's of seconds go into the Demo mode. When you reinsert the SD card a soft reset will occur (equivalent to pressing the recessed button on the left hand side) and the unit will initialize into whatever the SD card tells it to (see below).

    A couple years ago I did get maps from a 7100 on to a 2100 and it worked OK. Primary purpose in doing that was to give the 2100 all the POIs that the 7100 had, which was several million more.
  • Once again. thank you for resolving my problem. it worked. I appreciate you for helping me. all i had to do was press reset button
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