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memory cards

oblivion69 0 Points
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I bought some 2gb sandisk and 2gb kingston memory cards.
I wanted to save my navigon 5100 Q3 2009 maps just in case my original memory card goes bad. I was only able to save them on one memory card. the other cards said not enough space. i was told that memory cards are never the exact size of 2.0gb. some are (1.7, 1.83, 1.89). the memory cards that didnt take the Q3 2009 maps took the 2008 maps. i was also told that it depends if they are FAT OR FAT 32. whats is the difference and which one is required. were can I get good quality 2.0 or 4.0 gb memory cards.


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    You should find answers at the SD Association site: SD Association

    They also provide a free SD formatter app that complies with official SD memory card requirements.
    "SD formatting provides quick and easy access to your SD memory card. This program may only be used on Windows® 2000, Windows® XP and Windows® Vista®.

    SD or SDHC memory card file systems formatted with generic operating system formatting software do not comply with official SD memory card requirements and optimum performance may not be experienced. "

    Perhaps you could re-format the one SD card that did not have enough storage space for the Q3 2009 maps with their app and all will be good.

    Actual storage will depend on size of data and compression used. Formatting FAT32 should be fine. The brand of SD cards you bought should work OK. I'd still reformat the "bad" one. Also I would buy at least one 4GB card to be prepared for future updates which may be too big for a 2 GB card. Some users were getting an error message of sorts when attempting to update to Q3 2009 maps so it may be best to be prepared down the road. It sounds like you did not have that problem with Q3.
  • Thank you. I will buy a 4gb memory card for future updates and I will try reformating the bad ones
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