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4350 unit will not connect to computer

4350user 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Despite the Navigon screen showing the unit is linked to the PC the Navigon Fresh program reports "Could not find any Navigon content on this card" .
I had trouble when I first activated the account, but then tried another PC and it worked, tried to update tonight on that same PC and it will not connect. Anyone had similar problem / anyone know what to do?


  • Found the Navigon will connect to only one of several USB ports in my PC.
    One is enough! now I know which works I will be ok.

    The USB's are fine with other items so why it won't work with the Navigon is beyond me.
  • riderS 0 Points
    rather a late response but may help someone.. I had this on my brand new device (8410) - it would be recognised intermittently. In the end I tried a different usb cable and it's been fine ever since. the cables which come with the devices may be substandard.
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