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Roads missing from Nuvi 360 map, roads are > a year old


How up to date are the road atlases in the Garmin series, particularly the Nuvi? I have a road in my area that does not show up and it is a major artery that opened over a year ago. I just got my Nuvi 360 a couple of weeks ago and noticed it had version 2.40 ! I updated it to 2.90 and then 3.10 but of course this does not update the maps.

Should I call Garmin and ask for a free map update?



  • Tim 1484 Points
    Hi Don, unfortunately a road that is only one year old is still quite new in GPS mapping years. I've seen some roads that take several years to make it to GPS devices. You may wish to read our article on outdated maps for a full picture of how mapping works and the timeline:

    Update Old GPS Maps

    If Garmin sticks to their normal release cycle I wouldn't expect to see any mapping updates until next Spring/Summer. And yes, unfortunately they do charge for those updates when they happen.
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