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I'm back in the game!! Now what??

WizeGuyDezignz 5 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Hey Guys,

So my 7200T was stolen a couple weeks ago which was a complete bummer. So I got caught up in the Cydle T43H thread and ordered that. While it has potential I was still yearning for my 7200T.

Long story short, I am returning the Cydle and I ordered a used 7200T.

Even when I had my 7200T, I hadn't updated the maps for a bit. Can someone catch me up to speed and let me know what I should do when I get my unit on Monday?

I have a FreshMaps subscription from my stolen unit, but I can't transfer it to my new one right? If so, would it be wise for me to buy a FreshMaps subscription from a famous auction site? I really would like to install Q3 2009 if possible.

Basically any tips people can give me to get going again and get back up to speed would be great. Thanks!


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Do you still have the Navigon application "Fresh"? If not get that. Connect the 7200 and see how the Navigon server reacts to it. It might have had a Freshmaps subscription activated on it and if a map or firmware update is warranted then you are golden.

    There is a remote chance the used 7200 was never registered. If that is the case then go through the registration process.

    If that is not successful I would try to activate your old code with the new unit and just see what happens.

    Did you see this post by platoman?

    You could also try contacting Navigon support :shock: and explain your circumstance.

    If none of this works let us know. I'll contact you via a PM. Did you get my last one?
  • Spyder, thanks for the reply! Since I upgraded to Windows 7, I lost Navigon Fresh. I did reinstall last night however, so I'm good there. I get my Navigon on Monday, so I will connect it then and see what happens.

    I will check to see if it's registered and will try to activate my old FreshMaps code.

    The post from platoman directed me to the wrong page I believe. Can you repost that?

    Thanks for the help! Yes, I did get your last PM but it wouldn't let me reply. I guess I haven't met the posting requirements yet. Thanks!
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Here is the correct post link - could have sworn I was on the right one when I copied it. :roll: It's here in this forum: Subj> Navigon Lifetime Traffic

    As for PM reply not working - maybe gatorguy or Tim can check it. With your post count my guess is it should work for you.
  • Spyder, I don't need a lifetime traffic subscription with a 7200T though correct?
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    DUH................obviously I am easily :? :? You are correct. I was thinking it was Freshmaps...... I'm gonna go take my nap now....looks like I need one.
  • Haha it's ok! I appreciate the help though and I'm sure I will need some guidance once I get my 7200T on Monday. Thanks!
  • WizeGuyDezignz - I never left this forum, so I follow both (Cydle) as well. They feel they can fix the T43H soon with a software update so we'll have to trust someone who didn't return it to decide for us if we should re-purchase it. Meanwhile, we can enjoy our 7200T. I never leave mine in the car because I know it's almost impossible to replace (as you found out). I still feel the 7200T and the Cydle (when TTS is corrected) are better than any model of the Big 3.
  • Navigon site is back in business.

    Wizeguy, you still in doubt?

    Log in, assuming you have registered on their website. Click on NAVIGON FreshMaps.

    Your products with activated FreshMaps
    You should see your 7200T and two options:
    Windows XP/Vista
    Other OS

    Click on other OS, then on NAVIGON 7200T button and that will start the download process that will let you copy the entire map file along with software.

    Easy as eating ice-cream. I personally prefer this method to using Freshmaps application. That way you have a backup file remaining on your HDD.
  • xxhaimbondxx, thanks bro. It was very easy, I actually am at 80% of the download as I type. It's almost done. Thanks for the tip!

    What is the point in paying for a FreshMaps subscription when you can do this?
  • Spyder63 331 Points

    When I go into My Navigon I see the following FreshMaps Download counter. I bought my 7200 at Costco and got a free 2 year FreshMaps subscription. Yesterday for the heck of it I downloaded the Q3 Zip file. Before I started my Download count was 2/12 and after it is 3/12. Now....the start and end date for my subscription seem correct = 2 years. But the counter shows a total of 12 which I assume is 3 years of quarterly map downloads. Until yesterday I had only received 2 updates over the course of one year. (now 3, but this last one is a duplicate of Q3). At this rate it's anybody's guess if Navigon will ever fulfill their "contractual obligation" before my subscription time runs out.

  • Ok, I have two questions:

    1. Do I need a micro SD card to install the Q3 2009 map that I downloaded from the Zip file? If so, which size should I get? I just want to purchase one now before I get my unit on Monday.

    2. I had purchased a POI Warner subscription for my other unit. I never really figured that program out however. Will my current subscription work for this unit? Also, when installing custom POI's with it, where do they show up on the Navigon? In POI searches, or do you have to access them a different way?

  • now why not just use the SD card that comes with the unit?
  • now why not just use the SD card that comes with the unit?
    Haha sorry man, I'm wasn't thinking clearly this morning. I honestly didn't even remember that the 7200T came with a card. What size is the card that it comes with?

    I hope this Amazon Warehouse Deals unit comes with the card.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    It comes with a 2 GB card. I switched to a 4 GB card just to be safe as initially when the Q3 map update came out some people were getting some type of error message indicating they needed more space on the card. 4GB is about $15 and then you can just keep the original card as a backup, which you know works. I carry my "backup card" with me in the gps case, because if I am 2000 miles from home the backup on my HD at home does me no good. If you go bigger the process I used was to copy all the files on the original card to the new card then I used Fresh to do the update. According to xxaimbondxx your Zip file gets copied to the new empty card and all should work OK as well. Edit: Well, he said copy to old card, but process is the same.

    My microSD card brand happens to be a PNY, class 4, which I bought at one of our favorite stores - Big Lots. :lol: Most known brands should work OK.

    Update: Our local K-Mart ad has 4GB PNY microSD for $12.99 (2/28/10 )
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