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navigon 2100

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when i use my navigon 2100 the picture disapears when i am driving and i have to touch the screen to resume for me to see were i am going. it does this every few minutes. can someone tell me why. it automatically shows other images like a demo or an image of the navigon on the highway. it illustrates examples of how the navigon funtions and I have to tap the screen to resume were it is taking me why?


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    when i use my navigon 2100 the picture disapears when i am driving and i have to touch the screen to resume for me to see were i am going.
    Could be two different things -
    1. You have the Screen Saver setting set to YES. Change it to NO.

    2. Automatic Standby is ON and set to go into standby mode after a preset number of minutes - 10, 20 or 30 min OR if power is lost to the gps. The latter can happen with a less than snug 12v power outlet connection. Going down the road it may lose contact.
    Check both through your General Settings menu.

    On problem #2 - going into demo mode - Do you have an SD inserted correctly in the gps?
  • Before when i would turn it on i wouldnt wait for 6 seconds. I would press it and immediately it would go to the window where it says basic settings, current map, POI and route profile. now when I press down a little longer it restarts from the beggining and plays the music. maybe that was the issue I had.
    How can I check if the screen saver setting is set to yes or no.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I own a 7200t and not a 2100 so your menus and features may be different. I would poke around Basic Settings for Screen Saver option. Somebody with a 2100 may have to chime in here to give you better answers. You may not have the screen saver option.

    You do have the manual, right? Start reading at Page 79.
    In looking at it I see you may have Demo Mode turned ON. Turn it OFF. (Your problem #2)
    and maybe even problem #1????

    Accessing the Settings window

    The settings can be reached via the options of several windows.
    • Tap Options > Settings.

    In-Store Demo - Enable or disable the in-store demo. (When
    enabled, the demo starts after 5 minutes.)

    After changing an option setting:
    • To save the change, tap the Done button.

    Re> pressing the Power button. It works as outlined below: which you have discovered and is not related to your problems.

    Using Standby Mode
    When switched to standby, the device requires virtually no power and conserves battery time.
    • Press the (On/Off/Standby) button briefly.

    To switch the Device back on from Standby

    • Press the (On/Off/Standby) button briefly.

    Turning the NAVIGON 2100/2120 Off
    • Press and hold the (On/Off/Standby) switch for at least 6 seconds.

    Note: If a password has been created for the device, the ENTER PASSWORD WINDOW
    appears when the device is switched back on from Standby.

    See “Security” on page 25
  • I was able to find and click no for in-store demo( turned off). I will let you no when I use it if that was the problem. I will also read the manuel.
    thank you
  • Does anybody know when navigon is going to come out with Q4 2009 map addresses for 2100 or 5100.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
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