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How often do you buy a new unit?

patruns 10 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
I was thinking the other day, I started with a Magellan Maestro 3100 just to get my feet wet, and soon grew out of it. I switched to a HP iPAQ 310 due to the high resolution screen, BT, media player, promised map and speedcam updates (HP never delivered. Had to go to and Tim's review saying this was not a user friendly unit but had a lot to offer. Seemed like a challenge to me. I still use this unit and have updated the maps and speedcam files. Since it does everything that I want it to do, I can't bring myself to pull the trigger and buy a new unit. Therefore, the poll......


  • I got my Nuvi 660 in July or Aug 2008. I did spring for the lifetime traffic but have not updated the map yet. I live in Ohio and most travel is west of the Mississippi. I travel about every other week and will rent a car most of the time. I got the 660 speciffically for the Bluetooth. I was upgrading my phone at the same time and made sure the Blackberry 8330 and the 660 were compatable for those states where you must be hands free

    So far I have had no real reason to want to change. It does what I got it to do which is get me from point A to point B when I don't know the way and it shows enough POI's, gas, drug store, grocery store and the occasional hotel.

    While some of the new features, like lane assist & junction view sound interesting I have just not been tempted enough to spring for something else.

    But that's just me :D
  • patruns 10 Points
    Wow! I would have thought there were a lot of opinions on this......
  • Ozme52 0 Points
    What's a GPS? :shock:
    No... (Just ignore that one vote...) you didn't have the "I'm on my first" option. Mine is barely a month old. I was out of town when I "found" it (I had some unique/specific requirements) and used it to go home just to see how it all worked... and by gosh, found a better parallel route bypassing part of Sacramento.

    I updated my maps, because a couple of new freeway-overpass intersections were out of date, before reading all of the potential things that might go wrong... (next time I'll back it up on my computer first.) Ignorance can be bliss because it worked like a charm... but I haven't been back over that route to see if the updates are on the new map.

    I'm also interested how often forum-geek type users (like me) typically upgrade to newer hardware.
  • mmsstar 96 Points
    patruns wrote;
    Wow! I would have thought there were a lot of opinions on this......
    Yeah, me too! 'specially from Spyder63 who has one on his lawn tractor,...............I wonder if he uses one on the grocery cart? :lol:
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I wonder if he uses one on the grocery cart?
    If I could get a signal way back in the Deli section.... Might make shopping easier and quicker - Set my Favorites (Yuengling beer, carrot cake, Turkey Hill ice cream, filet mignon, Mt. Dew, Skyline Chili...) add vias and route optimization and I could be a contender for the Supermarket Sweep!

    The 2 feet of snow here just melted and that means the grass will start growing so thanks for the reminder that I need to put a new set of AA batteries in the 'ole GPS III on the John Deere! :)
  • caryrae 92 Points
    I have had a Magellan Roadmate, Streetpilot 2610 and 2730, Navigon 5100 and 2090s, Nuvi 755t and 1690 (currently), Motonav TN765t (currently), and a couple apps on my iPhone navigon and Roadmate. I won the Roadmate app from this site.

    I really don't know why I have gone through that many. I really liked the Streetpilot 2730 and the 1690 I am using now.
  • patruns 10 Points
    Sometimes the need for new toys just gets the best of us..... :wink:
  • mikemu 0 Points
    I still have a Magellan base model I picked up several years ago and it still serves the purpose. Been tempted to get a Tom Tom 630 with advanced lane view, bluetooth and voice input but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
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