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Custom POIs don't show up in searches?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help answer a few questions?

I uploaded a few POI files to my Garmin 255w, but when I try to search for these new POIs with the usual POI search, some locations don't show up even though they're in the POI files. Its like they're still searching from only the original file that came with the Garmin.

So I then select Extras from the menu and my custom POI files are there including any missing locations, but I can only go through them manually since I can't seem to search them. Is there any reason why when I search POIs, the new ones don't show up in the search results?

Also another thing I've noticed is that when I search Garmin's POIs vs. the ones I uploaded, there's sometimes a difference in locations. Like the Garmin results would show one location and then the custom POIs would show the same POI as being a block down the road or something. And also the Garmin results sometimes don't use the custom icons I've uploaded either while the custom POI files do.

And one final question. It seems like you have to upload all the custom POI files at once? Because when I upload POI files 1-4 for example and then later on upload files 5-8, it seems like the 1-4 files disappear from the Extras -> Custom POIs menu. Is this how its suppose to work?


  • alanb 557 Points
    John, the custom POI's and built in POI's are completely separate. There is no way to do a combined search. It is also true that POI Loader completely replaces the custom POI's each time you run it. There are ways to split up the custom POI's into multiple files via renaming the GPI file and/or using a SD card. Using those techniques POI loader can do a partial upload and replace of selected files. But unless you have an excessive number of custom POI files, it is usually easer to just reload all of them.
  • thesaint 0 Points
    As Alan says, you can still do a search for individual "extra POIs" but only by first selecting "Extras". Another thing you can do is to display an extra POI and then make it one of your normal "Favoutites", then later, a search of your favourites will find both original locations and those extra ones. Yes, it is common for positions of the same site to be different. If in doubt, you may find the site on "google earth" e.g. a campsite can be seen because you know roughly when it is to start with and then on google you will see caravans and tents in that area. You can then note the Lat/Long of the position and transfer that position to the Garmin. Don't forget to delete that same site with the wrong location, from your Favourites list (if you had it there)
  • Thanks for the help!

    After uploading all the POIs at once, all of them seem to be working fine now. Only downside is that its too bad that I can't search custom POIs with the regular Garmin search as I found that to be most quick and useful. Now it seems like I have to go to the custom POI files and manually look through them to see which is the closest.

    But on the plus side, in normal map view while I'm driving, if I zoom in abit more, I find that my custom POI icons are being displayed alongside the road which is pretty cool. :)
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